Why Soviet nurses rescued the wounded Germans

History Why did the Soviet 27/12/19 nurses rescued the wounded Germans

Women began to serve in the red army since the first days of the great Patriotic war. Voluntarily entered its ranks, primarily as care providers. According to historian A. Shneer, after the mass mobilization of women, only young Communists joined the army of 550 thousand people. And about 350 thousand came from the Komsomol. Military medical and sanitary service has taken hundreds of thousands of women during the war. They accounted for 41% of the total number of doctors and 43% of physician assistants, 40% of aninstructor and nurses 100% of nurses.

In movies and TV series about the war are usually depicted frontovichka. That’s just the image that usually does not always correspond to historical reality. For example, very clean and neat nurses in the movies, and besides, even in skirts! And skirts came to metabolic only at the end of the war. In the movie, they always have Affairs and save his beloved ones on the battlefield. In fact, the Soviet aides had to save not only soldiers, but injured soldiers of the enemy. First of all, because, first, it is not supposed to kill prisoners, and secondly, a wounded enemy can sometimes also tell by questioning something useful. Thing nurses had to save the man, but then decided other, useful prisoner as a “language” or not. Not always with the prisoners accepted help with gratitude. The frontovichka Eugene B. Zolotnitsky recalled military episode on the Karelian front: “Brought a hefty [wounded] Sergeant [i.e. Finnish non-commissioned officer], led him to the dugout. There is just Liza Evstigneeva sat. Finn came to, and her with a knife rushed – there was to be seen a boy or girl. Lisa was the first person he saw. He gave his hand, and grabbed it. Obviously, he had a knife”. So help for the wounded enemies were for nurses far from safe. But helped sune same. Someone did it out of understanding medical debt, and someone who was obeying orders to treat the Germans, as, for example, Vera Khoreva, who lost the war of the two brothers. Treated enemies, but haven’t spoken to them, was too strong hate: “to Tie, to operate – could, and to speak with them – no.”

Sometimes using the enemy had just happened. The same Zolotnitsky wrote about how her colleague captured Finn. The red army was advancing, and in the Soviet rear was wounded and bandaged Finn. Soviet nurse Nastya Reshetnev just took him, “picked up, put on a cart”, was taken to the rear for treatment. Another medical orderly, Tamara Ummagine, recalled how, pulling the wounded from the battle, found that he drags a German: “I was in horror: there, our dying, and I am a German save. I was in a panic… There, in the smoke, narisovalas… I See: people dying, people screaming… A-Ah… […] And then I saw: a strange medallion watch strangers, everything is strange. This form is cursed”. But still Ummagine saved and the Germans – knew that otherwise he will die.

Often the soldiers showed magnanimity to the Germans, and quite deliberately. The frontovichka Kira Luferova recalled: “…take the Germans prisoner, and starting from the same pot of porridge to eat. And he starts to show a card, talks about his wife, children, kinder. No ill-treatment of German prisoners I saw, though we passed camp”. Another servant of the Soviet red cross, Claudia G. gorynina (Fedotova), participated in the fierce battles of Stalingrad, Kursk, Smolensk. That’s just there, near Smolensk, 19-year-old nurse made one hill of the two wounded at a time – a Soviet soldier, one German, were both seriously injured. Claudia herself just couldn’t leave the German to die knowing that can help, and explained: “a Wounded enemy ceases to be an enemy, he becomes a patient.” This does not mean that the Germans nurses was good. Just know how, tend to be mMiloserdie. And the most important thing was to take the first step to mercy, to overcome hate, the separation of “friend or foe”. Then the Soviet soldiers and the Germans quickly understood and felt that on both sides there are people: if there are no weapons in his hands, and there is no reason for enmity. Nurses bandaged even SS. Tens of thousands of Germans were obliged to rescue their lives of Soviet women, friends, brothers, and husbands which they came to kill and enslave. In hospitals and on the battlefield early in the war and, in Germany, everywhere the Soviet medrabotnitsy and the paramedics found the strength for compassion and humanity, even sometimes on the order, but not out of pity. The Soviet people were generous and gracious. And won because the red army of those who in the intoxication of the illusion of the “superior race of supermen” have lost the humanity in General.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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