Why Soviet intelligence couldn't get drunk

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As he wrote in his memoirs, a former KGB Vyacheslav Shcherbakov, do not drink only two categories of people: sick and “snitches”. And since any agent does not want to look neither as the first nor as the second, the skill to drink and never get drunk or to get drunk, but not drunk and keep control of himself is one of the most important, which should have a KGB officer.

now alive and well running someone duck on a miracle pill that give each scout so he couldn’t get drunk — the drug allegedly bearing the name “RU-21”. Vyacheslav Shcherbakov in his memoirs never mentions anything about it. And Yuri Kobaladze, who worked in the first chief Directorate of the KGB, in an interview just said that anything like a Soviet secret services and their foreign “colleagues” never happened.

But almost everyone from residents working abroad was a recipe hangover cocktail that helped to recover quickly after yesterday’s binge. Depending on the national and culinary peculiarities of the country, where they had to work with, the recipes differed significantly:
– in the UK used liberally peppered mix of tomato juice, egg yolk and a few drops of brandy;
– in Germany used spiced onions pickled fish and yogurt.
– in China, vodka, cognac or whiskey drink definitely green tea, which promotes the excretion of alcohol from the body.
– Mexico in the morning drink a thick and very spicy beef soup with corn flour;
in Finland, instead of “sober” or go to sauna.

But sober is another matter. Is it possible to learn not to get drunk?Yes. There are some proven and confirmed scientific research methods to minimize the heady effects of alcohol on the body. But before telling you about them is to dispel someon firmly established among the people of myths. For example, the fact that drinking before abusing raw egg or a tablespoon of oil will help to drink without getting drunk. Or that rich fatty foods “coats” the stomach and prevents the absorption of alcohol. In reality, none of this will help you a long time to drink and never get drunk. More effective following advice from the former Kgbshniki:

– tight spicy snack and a glass of vodka for an hour before the Banquet. In the body will begin to produce enzymes that break down alcohol, and intoxication will occur more slowly;
– adsorbents or tablets. Activated charcoal – the best way to normalize the digestive tract before “taking on the chest”;
– vitamin C. Lemon, citrus, onions – all these foods are rich in vitamin C, which prevents drunkenness;
– do not interfere. This rule is familiar to everyone – you can’t mix different drinks, especially carbonated;
– to move more. The person who just sits at the table, eats and drinks, gets drunk faster than someone who is involved in the dancing and contests.

According to many ex-spies and KGB agents, these simple rules have helped them much more than the mythical tablet.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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