Why Soviet intelligence agents used mercury knives

Weapons 27/01/20 Why Soviet intelligence agents used mercury knives

I’m Sure many have heard the legend, according to which the Soviet Union had once produced so-called mercury knives that always hit the target. Mentions a “scout knife” in his book “Specialist” and the famous writer Andrei Konstantinov. Despite the fact that many researchers sufficient detail to substantiate the presence of mercury in these knives, not everyone believes in their existence.

the Mention and description in literature

If you do not take into account fiction, most often mention mercury knife or “scout knife” found in publications devoted to throwing weapons or security services. So, Alexander Medvedev, in his book “How to fight the NKVD” writes that the propellant is most efficient to use special knives, flying to the target without momentum. From the usual bladed weapons, the blades are characterized in that their blades are weighted toward the tip, while the handle is arranged in the form of feathers. In this case, Medvedev noted that the manufacture of modern propellants do use mercury.

However, this proposal description Medvedev mercury knives and limited. Learn more about “scout knife” tells the publication, “special operations Forces: history, use, armament, equipment,” Nikolay Volkov. According to the Volkov, this knife got the name mercury because inside it (the entire length of the blade and the hilt) passes a cavity, one-third filled with mercury. It is noteworthy that the air in the cavity, so the mercury is a vacuum. The weapons completely (including handle) made from metal.

the Principle of using

In connection with the mention of mercury knife in the literature, which does not belong to a fantastic genre, it can be concluded that such a weapon actually existed and exists still since. At least, Mr Horev and Michael Ingerly, the authors of the book “Your knife. The most complete reference” no wonder mercury knife designed for throwing, do not see and believe the legend about it is very real. Indeed, according to Horev and Ingelara mercury in the body of the knife done by a longitudinal channel, inside which the vacuum is a drop of mercury. Mercury moves around the cavity, holding the knife during the flight to the target.

Thanks for this alleged no ability to get a “scout knife” in the objective is required. However, if the majority of authors do not question the existence of such weapons, the uselessness of training in the use of mercury with a knife they deny. According to Nicholas Volkovskaya, the technique of throwing weapons with the mercury differs in at least one feature. According to the Volkov, to throw the mercury knife should only from behind the head and tip forward. Otherwise stabilization is simply not going to happen. However, the Volkov notes that there are design mercury knives with a system of valves that can be thrown from any position.

Just a legend?

Despite the fact that the authors of these sources show in this matter a certain awareness that not all believe in the legend of mercury knives. For example, Igor Skrylev in his book “Modern weapons for self-defense and survival” writes that the myth of the “scout knife” has no. According to Skrylev, to make the cavity the right size in the body of the knife is almost impossible. If the capacity is too large, it will affected the strength of the blade. However, if a channel decrease, the amount placed in mercury it may simply not be enough to stabilize the weapon. Skrylev sure that to achieve “magical” effect of the knife should look more like a spike.

in Fairness, it should be noted that such terminal is described in its publication, and Valery Horev and Michael Ingerly. It is clear that the knife be metathelny rod will not be called, but inside he really has a channel filled with mercury. Such rods are easier to manufacture snippy, and most importantly spacious steel tube with a diameter of about 10-15 mm. does not require pumping air from the interior of the container with mercury. Meanwhile, a rather primitive design does not interfere with the “peg” is to strike the target. But again good results in the throwing of mercury terminals can be achieved only through regular training.

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