Why Marshal Zhukov was accused of bigamy

Another 11/01/20 Why Marshal Zhukov was accused of bigamy

has Become a byword anecdote told by an employee of personal protection of Stalin’s major Alexei Rybin. Once Stalin was informed that Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky had seen on the arm of the beautiful actress Valentina Serova and asked guidance what to do with such supposedly moral decay. Stalin smacked his pipe, released a smoke ring and said:

— What do we do what do we do… be Jealous!

This anecdote has received several interpretations. Some of them Stalin misleading like Rokossovsky at the front almost harem “camp and field” wives of the employees of the medical unit, telecommunications workers, cooks, etc., and he did almost every day of their change. In others, the same “corruption” is attributed to General of the army Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

a difference in the source of the gossip. Somewhere in the name of the informer is not mentioned, someone says that they were the head of the Main political Directorate of the red army Alexander Shcherbakov, someone – that his predecessor Leo Mehlis, and some (in the case of Chernyakhovsky) if the chief of staff Alexander Vasilevsky.


a joke is a Joke, and the Institute “camp and field” or of the front of the wives was very common in the red army phenomenon. Especially during the great Patriotic war, when military leaders for years were in the camping field. Such “wives” became the front-line friend among typically female soldiers in the medical-sanitary personnel of the headquarters, in the signal corps, of the staff (kitchen, etc.).

it is Widely known that General Andrei Vlasov, the future traitor, the front was mistress Agnes Podlasenko, which then bore him a son. In September 1941, she was the senior doctor at the headquarters of the 37th army, commanded by Vlasov, near Kiev. When the army got into the “pot” that Vlasov came out of the environment together with Agnes. In gaveineichen he took her with him when he commanded at Moscow, the 20th army. In January 1942, Agnes Panasenko was the reserve of the army for pregnancy.

Vlasov was never officially dissolved the marriage with Anna Voronina. Preserved letters Vlasov home in the fall and winter of 1941 in which he wrote tender words of his official wife, swore that she “had one”. He even sent Anne at this time gifts.

Vlasov was not the only one. Many warlords at that time seemed to live in two houses.

Zhukov and Konev

Personal life of Georgy Zhukov not very well. In 1929, he was subjected to trial by the party for the actual bigamy and slapped a reprimand. And ordered, under pain of dismissal, to end the relationship with Mary Volkovoi (which Zhukova gave birth to a son) and live with Alexandra Zuykovo. Marriage with her was decorated, but only in 1953.

meanwhile, as Zhukov himself later admitted, in a relationship with Alexandra, he was not already in 1941. That is, since the beginning of the war. In October 1941, the life of Marshal of the victory appeared a Lieutenant of medical service of Lidiya Zakharova. She was assigned to Zhukov’s staff, as commander of the front, as a personal assistant. The relationship between Zhukov and Zakharova was widely known entourage of the Marshal. They continued after the war until 1948, when stopped after another party to the proceedings, this time at the level of the Central Committee caused by the denunciations of Alexandra Zuykova (civilian only, at that time, wife!) Strong-willed and brutal Marshal decided not to make a final choice in favor liked his women pregnant by him twice (both pregnancies were terminated by abortion).

Not all “outdoorsy field novels” ended immediately after the war. Marshal Ivan Konev, married to Anna Voloshina, before the war was with his wife in a bad relationship. At the front he had a nurse Tonya. Konev did not stop in the end in order to terminate his first marriage legallybut to register relationships with front-line friend.

the Incident Katukova

Former front-driver Alexander Zhukov buchyn was told that the Marshal strictly followed the customs of their subordinates, forbade any Dating, for example, with swasitka, to avoid omissions in the service. To him alone, obviously, “outdoorsy field novel” it is not hindered to discharge his duty. Well, what is allowed to Jupiter, that is to say the commander of the front, not allowed by some simple driver, adjutant, etc.

as for myself, it bugs, when it was possible, sharply swept aside all attempts to interfere in his personal life. It was after the complaint of his wife Khrushchev. But then Zhukov has held the post of defense Minister and personally made the dressing of the party organization of the hospital, where his new passion – Galina Semenova. Here, however, it came in the end (but after the resignation) until the divorce and registration of his second marriage.

There is evidence that their bans on “personal dirt” bugs spread not only staff, but also much higher, to the level of army commanders who were with him in obedience. In February 1945, Zhukov was sent to the commander of the 1st guards tank army Colonel-General of armored forces Michael Katukova note, which demanded an end to the cohabitation with “Baba” (as he put Marshall), threatening otherwise to “remove it” with the help of SMERSH.

this is where relevant anecdote about Stalin, which was mentioned in the beginning. If it is the truth (and smoke without fire), the leader, obviously, is much more tolerant of his Marshal were treated to the “side hikes” of their subordinates.

After the war Katukov still married to his front friend guard petty officer medical service Ekaterina Ivanova. But, apparently, in that moment, he temporarily sent away from sin. I knew that Zhukov word and deed are not at variance.

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