Why in 1945, the Czechs deported the Germans naked

History 24/01/20 Why in 1945, the Czechs deported the Germans bare

15 Jun 1945, returned home from the UK along with members of the Czech government in exile, the President Edvard Benes, speaking to the audience in the city of Pilsen, made the fateful for some people the statement.

In it he declared all ethnic Germans in 1938 sworn allegiance to Germany, traitors, and from which new conditions should be sure to clean the area reviving the Czechoslovak Republic.

Hostage situation

this was not taken into account the fact that a large majority of Germans automatically received German citizenship with the signing of the Munich agreement of 1938. This agreement, signed by the leaders of Nazi Germany, Italy, UK and France, provided for the transfer of Germany the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia historical and traditional of the region of residence of the Germans. Only in this area, there were 3 000 000 true Aryans, who made up 93% of the local population, and in the whole country after the Nazi occupation of 1939, which became known as the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, every fourth person was an ethnic German.


For a few months until the announcement of deportation in Czechoslovakia was introduced discriminatory measures against the Germans. In the spring of 1945 all of the tribesmen Hitler had to wear a bandage with a swastika or a stripe with the letter “N”. They were forbidden to move around the country, use public transport, walk the sidewalks, visit public places, talk on the street in German, to have a radio and use the phone. They were obliged to report to the police, go to the store at set times and take due to the confiscation of personal vehicles from cars to bicycles.

the memories withunitarnogo instructor Hopes Timofte before the deportation of the Czechs was cut on the head of a German track that others can immediately identify them. At this point in history the Nations of oppressors and the persecuted are reversed, and the Germans already were harnessed to the carts instead of horses.

beneš Decrees

held in July 1945 the Potsdam conference, Benes received from the leaders of the allied powers, who defeated fascism, the approval for deportation of Germans from Czechoslovakia.

In article XIII of the Potsdam agreements, was enshrined the right of States wishing to clear their territory from the civilian German population by resettlement in Germany. But such operations are supposed necessarily to conduct orderly and humane means without violence.


the Plan to deport the Germans from Czechoslovakia was brewing among the exiled government in 1941, as evidenced by articles published in the newspaper “Čechoslovak”. These notes about “the organized application of the principle of resettlement of peoples”, Peru belonged to Hubert Ripka, who was a close ally of President Benes. Later on the concept of the deportation of the Germans, which would organize the ethnic picture of post-war Europe, spoke on the pages of periodicals”The Nineteenth Century and After” and “Foreign Affairs” and the Edvard beneš, in 1941, believed in the fall of the Nazi regime.

after the victory over Hitler, the Czechoslovak authorities could implement their plans for the resettlement of Germans from Czechoslovakia to Germany, they first enlisted the support of Britain, and in 1943 he received the nod from the authorities of the USSR and the United States.

According to the plan of Benes, the deportation was to be carried out in areas where the Germans amounted to more than 33% of the total population of the region.

the implementation of this plan began in the spring of 1945, and on 28 October of the same year in his speech to the Interim national Assembly, the President has given the green light to exercise peacefullyth resettlement of Germans “nonviolent and not-German”. Although officially the deportation of the civilian population was to be held with observance of all human rights, the reality was otherwise, and was accompanied by mass murders and criminal acts against the Germans, which despite the ban of the Nuremberg trials, were kept in concentration camps.

marsh Naked

the Apotheosis of the Czech campaign were the so-called “naked marches”, during which tired of Hiking hungry Germans reached the state border between Czechoslovakia and Germany before sending to their historical homeland, stripped naked.

this fact reported to his superiors stood on the positions of the Soviet commanders, who, after several of these incidents began to distribute the Germans bags with slits for head and arms, so they could hide their nakedness.

On the bare deportations reported and defected to the side of the Americans, a Soviet officer Gregory Klimov, who mentioned a similar Czech trick in his book “the song of the victorious.”

to Justify their actions, the Czechs told the Germans: “You came here naked, and naked back.”


According to the official statistics on deportation, which in the period of 1945-1946 was subjected to more than 3,000,000 Germans, did not survive the 18 816 people.

5 596 were killed, and 3411 supposedly committed suicide, 6 615 are unable to survive in the concentration camps, 2186 died during and after transport, 629 got shot while trying to escape and 379 did not save under mysterious circumstances.

throughout the country held spontaneous lynching defenseless Germans, accompanied by brutal violence. The local population was forbidden to render aid to go to Germany to citizens, but not really forbidden to mock them.

has Not been held accountable Czech soldiers from the unit officer Carol Pazera that under the city of Prerau ordered deported Germans to leave the train and start his own to dig a pit to SVOto her grave. As a result of this incident were shot and buried in the pit of 265 Germans.

Special ruthlessness was different, the 1st Czechoslovak volunteer brigade under the command of Ludvika Svobody, with the Germans reduced their own bills.

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