Why Hitler wanted to make the mummy of Lenin Museum exhibit

History 12/01/20 Why Hitler wanted to make the mummy of Lenin Museum exhibit

the General plan “OST”, developed with the personal participation of Heinrich Himmler in the autumn of 1939, assumed the occupation of Eastern Europe and the USSR up to the Urals, extermination and forcible eviction 75-80% of local residents. Thus it was planned to release and prepare living space for “master race”. Save for “untermensch” of their major cities, historical sights and cultural values, no one was going.

the Capture of Moscow and the end of the war

a Valuable trophy for the Third Reich was seen as the capital of the USSR. According to the original plan of the German command “Typhoon”, after the capture of the capital of the Eastern campaign actually ended. Of course, Moscow is not all Russia, but with high probability we can say that in a particular historical situation this all could have ended. After all, according to the Berlin Pact of 1940 and the terms of the negotiations between Germany and Japan (Lot VI, “cover Operation “Barbarossa”) after the capture of Moscow, the Japanese army had to launch an offensive in the far East. War on two fronts would quickly weakened the already battered Soviet state.

the capture of the capital would have allowed the Wehrmacht to release some of the forces and to develop the offensive in the southern direction – to the Caucasian oil-rich regions. With this resource, the Third Reich would be virtually indestructible and probably quickly would have to cut the allied forces in North Africa. And there – you could go to the plan of capturing the British Isles. Further, according to the same plan “OST”, it was necessary to colonize in the European part of the former USSR. Major cities of the country it was planned to keep that they became administrative centers of newly formed regions. Even assumed that they will be a place of a certain part of the Slavic population, which thas been shown to be subjected to Germanization.

Total Germanization

Germanization (Germanization) assumed the total destruction of all cultural and historical braces of the people and the state. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, the Mausoleum – all these buildings didn’t need the Germans – because they can remind the Slavs about their glorious past, and that, as Hitler wrote in his “Second book”, in any case can not be tolerated.

But something Adolf aloizovich planned to keep. Lenin’s body invaders destroy the was not going. on the contrary, Hitler wanted to give him a “second life” and placed in a specially designed the Berlin Museum, which was planned to take iconic trophies from around the world.

the Decision to destroy

In September 1941, Hitler saw himself as literally a Parade of Victory in Moscow on red square. However, he wanted to stand on the Mausoleum, as did the Soviet leaders in similar cases. Only after that the Mausoleum was planned to be destroyed, and Moscow rebuilt. But a month and a half later, his decision, Hitler changed.

the Document room 1571/41 “On the procedure of capture of Moscow and the treatment of its people” implied the complete destruction of the city and its citizens. The stubborn resistance of the Soviet soldiers and ordinary people of the country, brought from the Fuhrer himself. However, no matter how much Hitler changed plans, realize they still were not meant to be.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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