Why do the poles in 1920 captured Soviet Chernobyl

History 13/01/20 Why the poles in 1920 captured Soviet Chernobyl

Chernobyl became widely known (literally, the whole world) after the tragic events of 1986. However, in Polish historiography, this region is much more famous. There was a series of events that influenced its history. So, during the Soviet-Polish war there was a major battle.

the Situation at the front in 1920

As told in his autobiography “the Counterattack of the South-Western front against the poles in 1920,” the warlord, Ivan the Spider, for the young Soviet state this year was very heavy. The difficult situation on the fronts of the Civil war took advantage of Poland, occupying a significant territory of Belarus and Ukraine. One of the important strategic points of the future offensive, the poles saw Kiev. But to master it is not possible without capturing a major transport hub – Chernobyl river port.

the position of the forces on the front

the Soviet side for the protection of Chernobyl exposed infantry and cavalry units, and more than a dozen ships of the Dnieper flotilla. The poles in this area had a clear advantage in manpower – for an attack they created shock cavalry group, and the attack on the river was to support the Pinsk flotilla. Pre-stroke the water the poles managed to damage one of the Soviet ships and force the fleet to retreat. By 27 April all was ready for a massive attack on the Soviet forces from different directions.

the Battle of Chernobyl

Now it’s hard to say what was the reason for the great success of the Polish offensive. Sergey Orlovsky in the book “the Great year: the Diary of connermara” suggests that converged from several factors: lack of preparedness of the red Army, the lack of adequate military leadership, the paucity of troops and the inconsistency of their actions. The strikes of the Polish parts from the river and with several aimsiy by land allowed a few hours to break the resistance and 10:00 to learn from Chernobyl. A springboard for an attack on Kiev was created.

Future developments

on may 7 the Polish troops managed to capture Kiev. It seemed that the outcome of the war decided. But by the summer, the Bolsheviks were able to free up some troops due to the victories on the domestic front and launch a counteroffensive. So by the middle of June were released and Kiev, and Chernobyl. At the front the situation reached a stalemate, which eventually led to the signing of a peace Treaty, as neither one of the parties did not have the strength to continue the war.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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