Why did the Soviet Union in the 1970s, became popular the Nazis

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Released on 11 August 1973 the TV series “Seventeen moments of spring” quickly gained national love. Reruns after only 3 months and the TV has repeatedly shown the series in the 70’s – 80-ies. All 12 episodes, filmed by Tatiana Lioznova on the script by Julian Semyonov watched in one breath. But it was his popularity and the dark side.

Nazism with a human face

almost the first time since the great Patriotic war, Hitler’s Nazis were not the stupid evil creatures, and clever, cunning enemy with its own right. The main roles were invited charismatic actors – Leonid Bronevoy, Oleg Tabakov, Vasily Lanovoy Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Legend has it that Tabakov, who played in the series of brigadenfuhrer SS Walter Schellenberg received a letter of gratitude from his posterity the image of “uncle Walter”. Tobacco itself loved happy to talk about it. Historians have noted that in reality, Schellenberg was not so smart and charismatic – form on it hung a bag.

No special atrocities of the Nazis on screen, but the episodes with the baby holding the radio operator kat in front of an open window or bloodied man, who was dragged by the Gestapo in the time of the meeting shtirlitsa with pastor Schlag in prison, where the first came to take the second.

the Effect was enhanced by a stylish black form, which in reality haven’t worn that since 1939, the historian Konstantin Zalessky. But the film was black and white, and grey would be won.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov made it so that the audience could feel for, at least, a man in a Nazi uniform, even though our scout. What Stirlitz is a Soviet security officer, remained in the background of consciousness, but the emotions were primary.

Glamor Nazism

in an effort to show how hard it was to fight with them!NYM, an intelligent adversary, Lioznova has made of the effect, which is clearly not expected: the Nazis came into Vogue in the late Soviet Union. At yard games continue to be “for the Germans” was unpopular, but in schools and higher education institutions began to emerge, as it is now would put it, the trps, “win back” of the Nazis. Soviet pioneers and Komsomol members did not see anything wrong with that, to be a sort of secret circles to have “ausweise” with a swastika, greet each other, clicking heels or even gently ridge. While Adolf Hitler himself did not evoke sympathy, is that “Mein Kampf” went from hand to hand, like any other forbidden samizdat. In the easiest case, the Soviet students began to monitor the appearance, in style wearing a school uniform or suit, to submit to the discipline and to romanticize Nazi Germany.

Konstantin Zalessky believes that “Seventeen moments of spring” contributed to the glamorization of Nazism, making it attractive. However, some Soviet citizens did not stop at the external manifestations of the German “Ordnung”, or the study of the songs of the Third Reich. They began to study the theory and practice of Nazism, seeing it as a perfect bole ideology and system than the former Soviet. Most intelligent neo-Nazis in the USSR took in the esoteric ( the Ahnenerbe, Thule society, the theory of Eternal ice) or geopolitics. Those simpler, organized a secret neo-Nazi society with iron discipline, sports and those in other types of “fighting” with the existing regime, both at present and in the future. It is hardly possible to calculate how many people in the ranks of the society “Pamyat” or the Russian national unity” (RNU) led the TV series “Seventeen moments of spring”, but that it was the momentum of the initial push to legalize Nazism in the mass consciousness of doubt.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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