Why did the revolutionary Larissa Reisner entered the harem of the Emir of the Afghan

History 31/12/19 Why the revolutionary Larissa Reisner entered the harem of the Emir of the Afghan

In 1921, Soviet Russia, still not recognized by most countries of the world signed a Treaty of friendship with Afghanistan. A considerable merit in the establishment of diplomatic ties between the countries belonged to the famous writer and member of the Bolshevik party, Larisa Reisner. Its field of activity “the most beautiful redhead” was chosen harem of the Afghan Emir Amanullah Khan.

Road to Kabul

In the early twenties Larisa Reisner was popular as a writer and publicist. During the Civil war, she published reports on the battles of the Volga military flotilla, in which he personally participated, and in 1919 some time even held the position of Commissioner of the General naval staff in Moscow. No less than military exploits, Reisner became famous UPS and downs of personal life, in particular, a novel with the poet Nikolai Gumilev.

In 1921, Larisa Reisner, who was then 26 years old, went along with the first Soviet Embassy in Kabul. Formally, it was listed as just the wife of the Plenipotentiary of the USSR in Afghanistan, Fyodor Raskolnikov, a former commander of the Volga flotilla. However, the real role of the writer was more significant.

“In Afghanistan it is, in fact, was the protagonist of the “mission in Kabul”, says historian Alexei Korobeynikov.

Harem diplomacy

taking Advantage of the tolerance on the female half of the Palace of Amanullah Khan, Larisa Reisner tied acquaintance with the mother of the Emir, Sirajul, and his wife. Noble Afghan women liked attractive appearance Reisner and, as she admitted “non-Soviet manners.” Likely to find way into the hearts of these women, the wife of an Ambassador was helped by the advice of her brother Igor Reisner, a great orientalist, who was also at the mission. Larisa Reisner had to adapt to local customs and traditions, for example, to participate in celebratkey.

“Danced in a dance – I also joined them and danced close to amersa now learned simple rhythmic figure. Well, they were delighted,” said the revolutionary in one of his letters.

Larisa Reisner was awarded several personal appointments with the mother and wife of the Emir, during which sought to promote Soviet interests.

“On my broken Farsi tried to do mischief to the English, having to arrive in Kabul in three months. Mother had to portray in the faces of all the English mission, and the woman I almost kissed him, called Shaytan (dyavolenok), drink from a thimble wonderful tea and promised not to make these English “Khanum Bessie harab” (very evil ladies),” wrote Reisner.

the Object of Soviet intrigue was not only the British. Thanks to the “personal influence in the harem” Reisner, in her words, failed “to eliminate and to balance informal French Ambassador.” At other times, the writer warned emerso about a possible assassination attempt on her husband, and when it became known that the attack really ready, it caused the Palace violent reaction. Through women Reisner effect on members of the government of Afghanistan, in particular, she “quit loving relationship” with the wife of the Minister of foreign Affairs. Finally, Larisa Reisner was able to captivate yourself and the Amanullah Khan, whom she considered a man “of tremendous natural mind, will and political instinct.” The wife of the Soviet Ambassador had played with the king of tennis.

After Kabul

Thanks to the efforts of Larissa Reisner, Soviet diplomats had to convince the Emir to follow the letter of the Soviet-Afghan agreement, despite the opposition of other powers. Itself Reisner returned to the USSR in the spring of 1923 because of the discord in the relationship with her husband. It is filled with observations about the book Asian trip confirmed the value of Reisner as a writer.

“the Story in “Afghanistan” <...> is divided into many small episodes, he is extremely bright, Oriental, flowery kaleidoscope” – so speaks about the work of the philologist Olga Yegorova.

later, Larisa Reisner was also not sitting still, taking the trip to Germany and Ukraine. However, the life of a writer was short. In 1926, the woman was called the “Valkyrie revolution”, died suddenly from typhoid fever.

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