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History 17/01/20 Why Stalin “took” the Marshal Kulik’s wife

In may 1940, directly from the street disappeared, the wife of Grigory Kulik. Commander filed for the loss of his wife, but she was never found. Only in the early 1950-ies became aware of what happened with Kira Kulik-Simonic. It turned out that she was kidnapped and then murdered on the orders of Joseph Stalin.

the Kidnapping and murder of

the Wife of a Soviet military leader Grigory Ivanovich Kulik Kira I. Simonic was abducted off the street in may 1940. Kulik discovered the loss of his wife, wrote the corresponding application to the authorities and demanded that Simonic was declared the all-Union wanted. At least it describes the events in his book “the Soviet Union: history of power” by Rudolf pihoya, citing the testimony of Deputy Lavrenty Beria, Vsevolod Merkulov. Meanwhile Simonic brought in Sukhanovskaya prison, where for six months was questioned. However, Kira Ivanovna to give any testimony, including his “espionage activities”, refused.

Then the wife of Kulik, it was decided simply to remove it. Told investigators later arrested a high-ranking officer of the NKVD, Bogdan Kobulov. His words given in the publication “Lavrenty Beria. Bloody pragmatist” Lev Lurie and Leonid maljarova. As argued by Kobulov, Beria called for him and ordered to kill Simonic “so that this one does not know”, in addition to another figure of the intelligence of a Lion Vlodzimirsky. It is noteworthy that Beria ordered to wrap their head Kira Ivanovna handkerchief to her face in the process of transportation of Sukhanovskaya prison to Lubyanka saw no one. Even the executioner by the name of Blokhin was not aware of who exactly he was shot.

Stalin’s Role

If you believe Bogdan Kobulov, the initiative to eliminate Kira Simonic came from higher authorities. In this Kobulov of severel Beria himself. Such authority, according to Oleg Khlevniuk, author of the book “Stalin. The life of one leader”, was Stalin himself. According to the Russian historian and Stalin even before the events in question advised Grigory Kulik divorce with his wife. The fact that the biography of Kira Ivanovna by Soviet standards left much to be desired: she was the daughter of a tsarist official and together with the previous husband was involved in a fraudulent currency. Besides Kira Simonic was suspected of espionage. Her constantly shadowing was conducted, the results of which are regularly reported to Stalin.

Despite such incriminating evidence, Marshall was not going to follow the recommendations of the leader regarding divorce and, apparently, he directly stated this. That is why Stalin decided to get rid of Kira Simonic himself and secretly from her husband. The haste with which the operation was carried out, according to Nikolay Tsvetkova, author of “the Genius of evil Stalin” is due to the fact that in the near future, Grigoriy Kulik was to be awarded the title of Marshal, which it was unbecoming to have a wife a spy. Here and Bogdan Kobulov assured investigators that Lavrenty Beria was nervous about the fact that “it is delayed”.

Other versions of the disappearance

Despite the aforementioned testimony of the participants, sanctioned by Stalin, there are other versions of what really happened to Kira Simonic. For example, the author of the book “Beria. Best Manager of the twentieth century” Sergey Kremlev does not exclude that the disappearance of the wife of Marshal, which, by the way, her fate is never learned, no relation to the security officers had. According to one version, proposed Kremleva, Simonic could become the victim of a banal robbery and was killed by criminals. Subsequently, the case was considered dark even in the years attributed to the arrested Lavrenti Beria and his associates. Moreover, the same Merkulov, even already in custody, claimed that the destruction of Kira Ivanovna was not “no operational need”.

Another versionI the disappearance of Kira Simonic based on the certificate, which was issued by the theatrical Director Boris Mordvinov. Mordvinov have had an affair with Simonic, in connection with which he was sentenced to 3 years in labor camps. After the liberation he was given the certificate, which stated: “she was Accused of being acquainted with his wife Kulik G. I., for a few months before her escape from the Soviet Union had with her suspicious meetings.” The text of this document can be found in the book of Adam Zalessky, “Stalin and the insidiousness of his political opponents”. However, nothing in the certificate indicated to be and could not: then Kira Ivanovna officially really was wanted.

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