Why daughter Valentina Tereshkova went terrible rumors

Biography 19/12/19 Why his daughter Valentina Tereshkova went terrible rumors

Since 1963, the name of Valentina Tereshkova began to be used solely in conjunction with the phrase “first woman astronaut”. However, such terrible rumours that circulated about the only daughter Tereshkova, did not merit even the children of Yuri Gagarin. It was rumored that Helen was born with a third leg, blind and deaf. Why Tereshkova Jr. was the object of such speculation?

Space marriage

If you believe the “Great historical encyclopedia” Sergei Novikov, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova embarked on their legendary three-day flight on the spacecraft “Vostok-6” in just six months of training. In June 1963, going around the Earth 48 times and flew half a million miles, she returned home safely. However, while in orbit, not all went smoothly. According to Irina Lomakina, in his book “the Great Russian that changed the world”, Tereshkova was constantly sick, why she wasn’t eating and was rapidly losing strength. And once Valentina had even slept through a session.

the Future husband of Valentina Tereshkova, also a cosmonaut, Andrian Nikolayev, felt in orbit much better. He went there just a few months before Tereshkova and held on the “East-3” in four days. Then the newspaper headlines that the Soviet cosmonaut made their first multi-day flight. But the sensation did not end. In early November, 1963 in a press there were publications about the marriage of Valentina Tereshkova and Andrian Nikolayev. In the “Complete works of” the journalist Vasily Peskov is possible to find a note in those years in which the author did not conceal that at the wedding of cosmonauts was attended by Nikita Khrushchev.

his daughter

However, at the invitation of the Secretary General and other senior officials on the triumph was not surprising: Valentina Tereshkova and Andrian Nikolayev become the world’s first couple, who visited in orbit. So this “space,” the marriage was riveted the public attention in the Soviet Union and abroad. The birth of her daughter Tereshkova and Nikolayev was also a global event. Even Yuri Gagarin, according to the Age of Alexander, in his book “the Great losers” heard this news, turned the plane landed in Sochi, where he purchased a bouquet of roses, and was with him in the Institute of obstetrics and gynecology, where was Valentina Vladimirovna.

in fact, However, that day June 8, 1964, was more full of worries than joy: no one knew what the impact of orbital congestion at the offspring of the conquerors of space. Even Andrian Nikolayev, according to the testimony of doctor E. M. Kastrubin, only nervously walked down the hall and anybody about what did not ask. It is not surprising that the country’s crawling the most incredible rumors. As the authors of the edition “100 great weddings”, Maryana Skuratovskaya and Elena Prokofieva, it was rumored that the daughter of the astronauts was born blind and deaf. “Awarded” Elena and other pathologies: a third arm, third leg and six fingers on each limb.

fate of Helen

the Imagination of citizens fueled by the fact that information about the state of health of Elena Tereshkova for many years remained a medical mystery. At least so says the author of the book “secret military space”, Sviatoslav Slavin. Meanwhile, as reported by Sklyarenko V. M., Iovleva T. V. and V. A. Matz, the authors of the publication “100 famous women” with reference to the Volovich, pregnancy Valentina Tereshkova do proceeded hard: most of it she spent in the hospital. And Elena appeared weak and was constantly under the supervision of the best doctors. However, the girl was absolutely normal and quickly straightened.

However, the child, Elena spent at the Institute for space medicine. Apparently, this fact influenced the choice of the daughter of Tereshkova and Nikolayev ee the future profession. Elena Andrianovna graduated from medical school and became an orthopedic surgeon. Personal life the world’s first “space” the child was also developed. As stated in the publication “Pride of Soviet Belarus”, today, Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is a grandmother. Her daughter had been married twice and had two sons, Alex and Andrew.

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