Why Chinese copy of Kalashnikov shot worse than the Soviet AK-47

Weapons 15/01/20 Why the Chinese copy of the Kalashnikov shot worse than the Soviet AK-47

Kalashnikov is considered one of the world’s most recognized Russian brands. However, not every machine that looks like “Kalash” made in Russia. Chinese gunmakers began to produce copies of the legendary machine in the middle of the twentieth century and continue to do so to this day.

Type 56

In 1950-ies of the people’s Republic of China has become one of the countries which got free from USSR license production of AK and need machines. However, the relationship between Mao and the Soviet leadership after Stalin’s death began to deteriorate, and that probably determined the “your way” of China in the production of weapons.
the First of the Chinese rulers became automatic Type 56 copy of the Soviet “Kalash”, virtually indistinguishable from the original. However, the Chinese, unlike the Russians, used a fixed three-edged needle bayonet, which was formed during the transitions. In addition, some of the detail – the bore, gas piston and bolt carrier group from the first examples quickly come into disrepair, because the arms of the middle Kingdom had not yet mastered the technology to their chrome plating.
The Type 56 was not a thread for installing a muzzle brake or flash suppressor. Insignificant difference from the AK-47 was also associated with the shape of the stock – due to the lower growth of the Chinese soldiers manufacturers declined slightly butt down.

Since 1973, the production of the Type 56 Norinco goskorporatsiya deals, designers who have created a number of modifications of this weapon, which does not coincide with the Soviet. For example, Type 56C, intended for the Chinese Navy and special forces, had a barrel length of 280 mm – this size was not one of “Kalashnikov”. On the basis of the Type 56 was created and a semi-automatic rifle NHM-90.
Only the Chinese have released 10-15 million “clones” of AK. The relatively low price has led to the fact that Chinese products bought by many countries – India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya, Indonesia, Myanmar, Iran and others.
By the way, that the machines Type 56 held in the hands of Afghan Mujahideen who fought against the Soviet army – they get them from Pakistan. However, picks and captured weapons, soldiers noted that they tested from samples it was possible to shoot only single shots. When letting off the queue mechanism quickly started to go crazy – this can be attributed to the build quality of a particular manufacturer. It is not excluded that instead of the Type 56 Russian got his handicraft fakes, which are also made in Pakistan.

the Type 81 And Type 87, Type 03

Since 1981 for internal use, the Chinese moved to the production machine the Type 81. This weapon had a longer barrel (450 mm) than in AK, which in practice turned out to be unexpectedly more comfortable. The Type 81 is gradually replaced an earlier copy of the “Kalashnikov” in the people’s liberation army of China. These machines are well proved in the war, for example, in the border conflict of China with Vietnam the mid 1980-ies.
an Experimental variant of this weapon was Type 87. This model combines the advantages of the machine gun and machine. Here were already used its Chinese patron of 5.8×42 mm. Also a feature of the Type 87 was that the Chinese filled it with plastic hardware similar to that found in the later images of the AK-74.

the Type 87 is not widespread, enrolling in the order of only a few special units. However, his basis at the beginning of the new Millennium in China created the machine Type 03 (QBZ-03), already very different from the “Kalashnikov” in both look and design.
At present, China continues to produce “clones” of the Soviet machine, including Type 56. They are adopted by the developing countries, including through Western intermediaries. For example, in 2004, Rosoboronexport has accused the United States on they supply such weapons the armies of Iraq and Afghanistan. There are rifles Type 56 and among the “guns” seized from terrorists in Syria. If Russia is taking some steps towards commercialization of the use of the license by China is unknown.

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