Why blind Hitler during the First world

Biography 27/01/20 Why blind Hitler during the First world

according to Leonid Mlechin, in his book “Third world war”, in Nazi Germany tried to support the myth of Hitler as a hero-soldier. One Lieutenant, who dared to mention that the Iron cross was not only the führer, was sent to a concentration camp. Similarly, guarded by the legend that Hitler was blinded in a gas attack by the British.

Hitler’s war

according to Valery Shabarov, author of the book “Hitler. The Emperor of darkness,” Adolf Hitler met for the First world war with great enthusiasm. However, from conscription into the Austro-Hungarian army, Hitler shied away due to the fact that she allegedly had been infected by “Slavs” and “Jewry”. He moved to Munich and filed a petition for voluntary enrolment in the German part. The request was granted. So the future Fuhrer was in a Bavarian regiment, in connection with which swore allegiance to king Louis III.

At the front, Hitler felt like a fish in water, and cowardice are really no different. He flawlessly performed the duties of a messenger, delivering various orders and reports under heavy fire. According to V. Bulavin, in his book “Mysteries of history. The third Reich”, Adolf Hitler has a chance to take part in the battle of the Isere, near Ypres, trench warfare in Flanders, in the battle of Neuve-Chapelle, near La Basse and Arras. For meritorious service corporal was awarded the Iron cross of the first degree.

Chemical projectile

However, the same awards were awarded brand the connected 16th Bavarian regiment. Says Leonid Mlechin in his book “Third world war”, it was once dared to remind the Hitler Lieutenant Hugo Gutmann, who was thrown into a concentration camp. Nothing was to prevent the spread of the myth of the incredible bravery of Hitler shown on the fronts of the First World war. Therefore, Neuisn’t it interesting how the blind leader of the Nazis, which he suffered in 1918, it was necessary to find a decent explanation.

Even some modern biographers prefer to write about what Hitler temporarily lost his sight due to exploding near him chemical shells of the British. Moreover, according to lim ward, author of “the Second world war,” Hitler brought the blind and their blind comrades from the zone of fire. Here only, according to Dmitry Kovpak in the publication of “Difficult people”, doctors at the field hospital in Udenarde came to the conclusion that neither the retina of the eye of Hitler, neither the optic nerve nor the visual analyzer was not damaged.

psychiatric Treatment

for this reason, the corporal was transferred to the psychiatric ward the rear of the hospital in Pasewalk. According to Yefim Terletsky, author of “Popularizer with the Jews in the time machine”, the decision of the doctors was not accidental, since in fact, Adolf Hitler was blind not due to gas exposure. In fact, the Fuhrer was the so-called hysterical amblyopia (reduced visual acuity). According to Terletskiy, this violation occurs, as a rule, when a lot of stress, for example, out of fear during military actions. The brain simply refuses to accept the terrible picture, which usually takes place before a person in combat.

the Version about the nature of mental blindness of Hitler is confirmed by the fact that cured the Fuehrer does not see an ophthalmologist, and a psychiatrist Edmund Forster. In order to save the patient from the violation, Forster used hypnosis. According to Tatyana Dyachenko, the author of the book “perilous narcissist”, the doctor suggested to Hitler the idea of its exclusivity. “Perhaps you are destined to lead Germany forward. If so, then God will give you back the vision right now,” insisted the doctor. And soon Adolf Hitler really saw the light. And Edmund Forster, according to Dyachenko, more than once regretted his words.

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