Why are the Russians in Afghanistan, did not take the spooks captured twice

History 06/01/20 Why the Russians in Afghanistan, did not take the spooks captured twice

In the first year of the Afghan war the attitude of Soviet soldiers towards the prisoners, the Mujahideen were quite soft. However, faced with the cruelty of the rebels-Islamists, the soldiers of the 40th army also ceased to observe the rules of the Geneva Convention. Especially bad shuravi belonged to the spooks that come across again – for mercy they could not count.

the fate of the prisoners

Captured by the Mujahideen did to the Soviet command a valuable source of information. Thanks to the interrogation of prisoners, the Russians were informed of the latest orders of the warlords and about the effectiveness of particular tactics of struggle. Spooks were given the location of their gangs and weapons depots. But sooner or later the question arose about the fate of the captives. At first they were simply released.

“the First months in Afghanistan, our General prisoners were released, in the worst case will give a couple of times in the face, and scram babaek to his home,” recalled a veteran of Afghanistan Ravil Bikbaev.

Certain categories of prisoners received freedom “by default” – for example, Soviet soldiers kept the enemy doctors (mainly specialists from Pakistan). Existed age “framework”. General Alexander Lebed, for example, told me that after the operation “Ring”” when the prisoner turned many Afghans, the Russians immediately were allowed to leave adolescents under 16 years of age and the elderly over the age of 60.

the Wounded Mujahideen of the Soviet military medics even treated. Medical care were free, which made a great impression on the Afghans. This attitude was dictated not only by the traditional humanity of the Russian people, but knowing that the average dushman is yesterday’s peaceful peasant who could get into a gang for various reasons.

Note that the Khad (the intelligence officers of the dictator Najibullah), behaved differently, considering prisoners as a source of profit. They were released for ransom from relatives. After a stay in a filtration point of yesterday’s Mujahideen “suddenly” found themselves in the ranks of the Afghan Tsarandoi (“people’s army”).

“Caught a second time – shot!”

Some spooks met in captivity friendly attitude, lay down their arms. Others, however, were not going to return to civilian life – and even couldn’t do. In tribal and clan structure of Afghan society, the degree of personal choice of the individual was minimal. Therefore, many of the Mujahideen back in the gang, and sooner or later was caught again. Usually it was not too courageous people.

“How many times have we captured prisoners. In combat always worked on the Mujahideen who have forgotten conscience and the Qur’an. Frankly trying to get into heaven and stay on earth. Not wishing to fight to the end. These have always been,” recalled Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kartsev.

But the calculation of spooks on the “good” Soviet soldiers did not materialize. One of the few Estonian members of the Afghan war, lead by Lembitu, Kitt, who served in airborne, admitted:

“If someone is caught a second time, no more regret, sent to the consumption…” (quoted from the newspaper “Vzglyad”).

According to the veteran, some of his colleagues shot unarmed Afghans with pleasure. Such acts, of course, violated the Geneva Convention, ratified by the Soviet Union in 1954. However, the Russian behavior was only a response to the cruelty of spooks, which, in contrast to the “Soviets” from the very beginning was not going to wage war “civilized.”

“the Eastern tradition and religious fanaticism is manifested in the behavior of the Mujahideen to kill the enemy and to desecrate his corpse was considered a special valor; the usual thing was the brutal massacre of prisoners; its for any offense had their heads cut off,” – said researcher Elena Sinyavskaya in the book “Man at war”.

the Gang, whose members were seen in the ill-treatmentand with the Soviet prisoners, fell into the “black list” – they are Russian destroyed cleaned. Especially hardened Soviet soldiers after the events in the Pakistani camp Badaber in 1985. Since that time, if the Mujahideen and captured, then subjected to beatings and even torture.

Timur Sagdiyev

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