Why are the Germans on the Eastern front were allowed any crime

History 26/01/20 Why the Germans on the Eastern front were allowed any crime

the German plan “OST” suggested consolidating the position of conquerors in the USSR in the simplest way – to the reduction of the Soviet population (both Jewish and Russian and other peoples), and short – by the genocide. Actions of the Third Reich in the East meant not only cruel occupation policy, narrowing the resource base life of the Slavs, but also an open violation of all accepted in the civilized world with rules and customs of war.

German soldiers committed sexual crimes, robbed and killed civilians, finished off the Soviet wounded on the battlefield, killing women and children, nurses and military doctors, pilots, jumped out of burning airplanes with a parachute; they organized the siege of Leningrad and the famine in the city, over tortured prisoners, bombed hospitals and sanitary trains, drove the inhabitants into slavery, burned the city and the village, hunted for Communists and Jews and dealt with them.

For the soldiers of the Wehrmacht in the East were a “law of war” (Kriegsgerichtsbarkeit) – in fact, it meant that the crimes of the Germans against the “Slavic untermensch” is not even considered as such. In Western and Northern Europe, such indulgences were not. Moreover, crimes in the East encouraged and were for German soldiers bragging rights in conversations with each other. These conversations can be seen as impunity opened the Pandora’s box of pathological sadists have almost unlimited access to satisfy the thirst for blood. Considered to be immoral in war, the killing of civilians (especially women and children) for many Germans have become commonplace.

Numerous records of such conversations, the Germans published a few years ago German historians Nayttsel and Z. H. Welzer (“the soldiers of the Wehrmacht..,”, M., 2013). Will give only one illustrative quotation, prinhiliadou Ober-corporal Mueller, describing the punitive operation in one of Russian villages: “…we poured gasoline into beer bottles and put them on the table, and going so casually threw a hand grenade, and everything was burned to the ground — the roof-that straw. Women, children, shot indiscriminately. Partisans of them were one. […] been a lot of guys [among the Germans] that it was a great pleasure”.

violations of the customs of war by the Germans contributed to such high losses of the red army and the civilian population. Especially brutally treated by the Germans with the defenseless prisoner, where the prisoner marked the beginning of horrific tortures, in most cases ending in death. Their crimes the Germans and their “lawyers” are often justified this way: that Soviet citizens and prisoners of war received all this due to the fact that the Soviet Union not signed the Geneva Convention of 1929 on the treatment of prisoners of war. Although Stalin tacitly adhered to most of the established Convention standards for German prisoners (and generally recognized Convention), the Nazis referred to the Russian brutality that, according to them, allowing them to follow to get the latest Germany signed the Convention and adopted the customs of war.

All relevant conventions of the rights of Russian prisoners of war were grossly violated – the right to respect of personality and dignity, to life and power equal to the power of German soldiers to barracks and other rights. When British correspondent, Alexander Werth in 1942, he asked the captured German soldier, “shame on you so brutally treated prisoners of war?”, the answer was: “they are Russian…” So that wasn’t conventions. Moreover, in 1942 the USSR announced its accession to the Convention de facto, but in the treatment of Russian prisoners, nothing has changed. And crimes against other categories of Soviet citizens the Germans and not tried to justify from a legal point of view.

Here is a small illustration, touchingXia how “civilized Aryans” had been prisoners in 1941, what “food” they provided on the March. The story of a soldier of the Wehrmacht, Count (quoted from the book of Neitzel and Welzer: “…the prisoners received no food for 3-4 days and fell. Then came the escort, he added a hole in the skull, and he is ready. Assailed by the other [Russian], butchered it, and then devoured as he was.” So the Nazis drove people to the hungry madness. The result is a sadistic system of detention of Soviet soldiers in German camps died more than 3.3 million people (from 5.75 million prisoners), i.e. 57,3% (mortality of German prisoners in the USSR was much less — only 14.9 percent). A large number of troops (what exactly is unknown, but we are talking about tens of thousands of Soviet soldiers) were destroyed by the Germans during the surrender, which is also contrary to all customs of war. To study the horrific German crime the judges at Nuremberg took more than 10 months (1945-46.), and during that time managed to convict only a small part of the atrocities of the Nazis, only a small piece of bloody mosaic.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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