Why are Americans so scared of Soviet missiles

Weapons 23/01/20 Why Americans are so scared of Soviet missiles “pioneer”

“the Wall of light crossed the path of our flight, then continued to move East, leaving behind the empty and dark night sky” — so said a U.S. air force pilot Robert Hopkins about an incident in the second half of 80-ies of the last century during his reconnaissance mission in the Kamchatka area. To understand that it was the U.S. military and scientists are unable, and then there was speculation about a new top-secret weapon of the USSR, based on the work and ideas of Nikola Tesla. In the US, it received the unofficial title of “Dome light”.

What was it

the American pilots were so overwhelmed by it that at first even compared their observations — didn’t do it. Then a discussion of the situation came from the generals and scientists. There have been predictions about the natural causes of the observed phenomena, but subsequent events have shown that the dome — the work of human hands.

Comparing the launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from the Soviet side and the emergence of the “Dome of light”, the Americans came to the conclusion that these events are connected. Was made two assumptions, neither of which has not been confirmed nor denied so far.

First: the “Dome” is generated using “scalar electricity” (a term from the work of Tesla) to disguise the time and place of launch. Indeed, bright light wall blinded and disoriented the pilots, and electronics of aircraft at the moment would fail. The second version: the dome appears as a feature of the fuel or the flight characteristics of the missile.

But in fact, and in another case the result was the same — the American early-warning satellites on the launch of the ICBM was blinded. That is, in the event of a conflict, to know that in the US the rocket moves, service, missile defense could be too late when to do something wasabout is almost impossible.

Missile complex “pioneer”

by Associating the emergence of “Dome light” and launch the ICBM, the Americans became interested in the latter. It was already well known to them complexes “pioneer”, which took place on Soviet records as RSD-10 and us — SS-20. Their first modification was adopted in 1976 and since then has been regularly updated. Complexes called “Storm Europe” for their good flight speed, amazing reliability (not a single accident for more than 10 years of trials) and remarkable accuracy (more than 98% of hits). The missiles for the US, the surprise was not, but the fact that the Soviet Union can run them completely unbeknownst to the American early warning systems has become an unpleasant surprise.

In the late 1980s, American diplomacy had made every effort to push through the signing of the contract on reduction of rockets of small-and medium-range nuclear forces (INF), in which “Pioneers” were destroyed. Today, the direct heir of the SS-20 is a “Topol-M”. I think that the technology of “Dome of light” is not forgotten.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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