Why are Americans in Vietnam fighting the Soviet AK-47

Weapons 26/01/20 Why are Americans in Vietnam fighting the Soviet AK-47

the War in Vietnam became a test not only for U.S. soldiers and weapons of the United States. There were tested in combat conditions just adopting automatic rifle . The debut was unsuccessful, the weapon proved to be very capricious, unreliable and uncomfortable. That is why the US soldiers, especially special forces soldiers preferred captured Kalashnikovs, which the Vietnamese supplied the Soviet Union.

the M-16 in Vietnam

an American military historian Kevin Dockery has written the book “Special weapons for special purposes”, in which he described the attitude of the American military to its service. The M-16 rifle, entered the U.S. army in 1966, was unreliable and jammed due to powder gases, dirt, water. The fact that the functioning of this rifle was based on the “direct” removal of powder gases, which are directly received in the receiver and pushed the shutter. Despite this, the company “Colt”, engaged in the development of the M-16 insisted that their weapons are generally insensitive to contaminants and are not supplied to him cleaning kits.

In the process of practical use it turned out that the butt, which housed the recoil spring is fragile and in its destruction the rifle went out of service. The rifle is made from aluminum, resulting in misalignment of the cartridge and stopping the shooting. Later they were replaced by steel shops, but the soldiers had orders instead of 20 to equip not more than 17 rounds.

Why do Americans prefer Russian AK

During the fighting with the Vietnamese soldiers, the U.S. fell into the hands of captured AK-47 because of its reliability became popular. Historian Kevin Dockery asserts that in addition to the simplicity and shop for 30 rounds, the Kalashnikov was known for his ability in combat to confuse your opponent. Americanth M-16 was another characteristic sound of a gunshot and a red instead of a green tracer and the soldiers of the Viet Cong took the Americans with AK for their own.

Military command of the USA has conducted operations to seize weapons and ammunition of Soviet production, which were sent to the existing parts. For “commando” to captured Soviet machines developed silencers and scopes. It established a separate production of ammunition for AK. In 1967, troops in Vietnam were armed with the M16A1 rifle.

in addition to creating a Kalashnikov image of unreliable weapons, was a large-scale special operation, which was created by defective copies of Soviet weapons, which when firing out of order, but it could injure the shooter. Because of this command in Vietnam issued a decree, forbidding to pick up a Kalashnikov, the only exception is for emergency situations.

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