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Another 29/01/20 Why Andropov Perestroika Gorbachev

the Restructuring has led to the fact that just a few years seemed the mighty Soviet Union ceased to exist. How did you start Restructuring? What goals has she set? Who moved the process? These questions still have no clear answer.

Rebuilding from the outside

the Version about the involvement in the Restructuring of Western financial and political elites is very popular, and for good reason. So, according to former KGB General and historian Nikolai Leonov to the middle of 1980-ies only in the United States operated 120 centers Sovietology and in the Soviet Union Subversion were hundreds of agents of Western intelligence services.

left aside from the researchers, and increased attention of the West to Mikhail Gorbachev even before he took the helm of the state. In may 1983, a member of the Politburo, Gorbachev made a trip overseas, where he met with Prime Minister of Canada Elliott Trudeau. What the politicians say, is a mystery. But after meeting Trudeau reports, the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that Gorbachev had a “positive impression”.

Thatcher apparently seriously interested in the figure of Gorbachev. In February 1984 she arrives for the funeral of Yuri Andropov to personally meet with Mikhail Sergeyevich, and in the fall of that year invited him on an official visit to London. After departure from high politics the British Prime Minister admitted that in the West after the death of Andropov thought about that at the helm of the USSR was the man who would help “to realize their intentions”. Such a person, according to Thatcher, was Gorbachev – “negligent, ambitious and highly suggestible”.

Many researchers believe that “implementation intentions” meant limiting the role of the Communist party and the introduction into the consciousness of the Soviet people “capitalist values”. Tool for GPSglossing daring plan was to become the new head of the country. But the actual documents proving a conspiracy between Gorbachev and the leaders of Western countries, no.

Wife to help

Gorbachev is not without reason to believe a politician easily one’s convictions and among those who had the greatest influence called his wife Raisa Maksimovna. She led an active social life, accompanied by her husband’s foreign trips and meetings with foreign delegations, and, as I thought the entourage of Gorbachev, got into politics more than it’s appropriate for the first lady.

As is known, Gorbachev never took hasty decisions on matters of national importance: almost all of them ripened at the dacha outside Moscow in Novo-Ogaryovo. Publicist, in the past, Komsomol and party leader Vladislav Shved says that during a two-hour walk Gorbachev presented all the current problems of his wife and took the final decision only in the light of its opinion.

According to Colonel Victor Kuzovlev, guarding the top leadership of the USSR since the 50’s via the 80-ies, “was not a single serious issue that Gorbachev was decided without the participation of the wife.” About the extent of her influence shows at least that she was able to subjugate the leadership of the 9th Directorate of the KGB.
There are suspicions that key decisions concerning the progress of the Restructuring has been sanctioned by the first lady of the Soviet Union. Perhaps not far from the truth and those who believe that Raisa, who owned fine English, was the connecting link between the Western elite, which intervened in the internal politics of the Soviet Union, and Mikhail Gorbachev.

On a whim

One of the most important questions of the researchers, unfolded whether the Restructuring as planned or was a spontaneous process. Supporters of Mikhail Sergeyevich unanimously speak only about a certain amount of ideas that motivated Gorbachev. The initiator of change in their interviews admitted that the Restructuring was a concept, but readablewow plan, as in the timetables, it was not.

the Attitude of Gorbachev to reform resembled improvisation, evidenced by his behavior. So, in April 1985 at the next Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU Gorbachev affirms the commitment of the selected rate the best ideas of socialism, but in early 1987 he has thought about holding in the socio-economic sphere “shock therapy”.

moreover, populist statements, such as intentions for 15 years, to provide every Soviet family with a separate apartment, testified to the lack of understanding of the ideologists of Perestroika, the economic possibilities of the USSR.
the Doctor of Economics Abbot Phillip (Simonov) considers that the Restructuring could lead to positive results, as it moved “voluntarist politics, situational satisfied with its Creator”. According to the scientist, Gorbachev tried to sit on three chairs: “and socialism to be improved, and policy planning to save, and to enter into the economic system of the capitalist market.”

Fatal decisions

Some researchers believe the initiator of Perestroika, no Gorbachev, and former head of the KGB Andropov. General Philip Bobkov, in the past, the leading employee of the KGB, believes that starting Restructuring Yuri through the improvement of labor discipline sought to strengthen the socialist foundations of the state. And Gorbachev, according to Bobkov, failed to bring to life the ideas of his teacher.

But, as the researchers note, their personnel decisions Andropov had unwittingly prepared the ground for the liberalization of political processes in the country. In particular, when it rose, Alexander Yakovlev, who studied at Columbia University and, according to experts who have learned the basics of Western political technologies. That he was destined to become one of the main ideologists of Perestroika.
surprisingly, not only Gorbachev, but Andropov today goes for the collapse of the Soviet Union. Publicist Alexander Prokhanov believes that Andropov was driven by an interest in the history of the country, he xwanted to understand how the “Soviet project”, but instead of lubing the chassis “ultimate machine” and replace all worn components, it is dismantled.

the Outcome is predetermined

Why is the state with one of the most powerful economies in the world collapsed overnight? This question worries many people who are interested in the topic of Restructuring. Impartial analysis indicates that in the twilight of the Brezhnev era, the Soviet Union already lost the reserve of economic strength accumulated in the past decades. The command-administrative control system showed its inefficiency compared to the market model of the economies of the West was far behind the Soviet Union from the world’s leading powers and technologically.

Vyacheslav Dashichev, in the past, leading researcher of the Institute of world economy and international relations of the USSR noted that at the turn of 70-80-ies of the Soviet leadership ceased to be considered foreign policy a reality, and it was this that the Western countries, restoring its economic potential and socio-political stability, greatly surpassed in economic and scientific-technical potential of the Soviet Union.
Yes, the Soviet people were still socially protected and provided with everything necessary, but his standard of living was much lower than that of the average German or American. Figures show that even before the beginning of Gorbachev’s Perestroika, the real incomes per capita compared to the mid-1970s, fell 2.8 times.

some members of the Politburo understood the need for change, but that they were confident that the economic recovery of the Soviet economy is possible without a radical break of the traditional institutions of management. Hostage to the circumstances, was Gorbachev. Without a clear plan of reforms and understanding the alteration was similar to the experiment, which was moving towards inevitable failure.

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