Why after the liberation of Yeisk NKVD arrested Ivan Poddubny

History 26/01/20 Why after the liberation of Yeisk NKVD arrested Ivan Poddubny

the Russian athlete, wrestler, world champion Ivan Poddubny was known not only for its athletic achievements, but also a steel will and indomitable character. These qualities enabled him not only to survive in difficult times, but not lose its good name, in spite of all difficulties.

for Example, Poddubny has not accepted the proposal of Lavrentiy Beria to act under the banner of the society “Dynamo” did not want to connect his life with the bodies. Even month prison term, during which the fighter was required to take dollars and gold, supposedly brought them on tour in America, did not alter the position of Poddubny. So the NKVD and its subordinate society “Dinamo” was left without a legendary champion.

during the Civil war in Berdyansk Poddubny, along with several fighters were captured by Makhno. One found out who is in front of him, offered Poddubny to come to grips with one of their fighters. Ivan would give in to save his life, but he threw the anarchist athlete so that only the soles in the air flashed. Makhno, cradling his gun, paused for a moment, then laughed and let go Poddubny teammates, providing on track with food.

And in 1910 in Paris Poddubny took a call from Japanese, who possessed the secrets of unarmed combat. As he wrote in the Paris newspaper, Japanese, mocking, said that Russia had recently lost the war, cities face the same fate. Life Russian wrestler, he is, so be it, I’ll keep it, but the bones will break. A few minutes later the Japanese carried away unconscious with a broken hip.

In 1941 Poddubny – 70 years, in those years, in spite of excellent health, it did not take neither the red army nor the guerrillas. The Nazis occupied Yeysk, where he lived wrestler in 1942. There is evidence that he was offered high positions in the occupation administration, but Poddubny refused. What’s more, it with thGOSTu and a call walked down the street with the order of the red banner of Labor, received on the eve of war, as there is a lot of memories of the townspeople. The Germans did not touch stubborn old man, perhaps fearing the consequences in the form of a riot – very much the residents loved and respected Poddubny. Seeing that wrestler have nothing to eat, the German Colonel, a fan of the athlete, invited him to become head of the billiard room at the club. Poddubny, he not consumed alcohol, supported by a strict order, personally vyvorachivaya outside of drunken invaders, who decided to make trouble. According to the recollections of inhabitants of Yeysk, in the billiard room to the Poddubny came and local – quietly listen to the Soviet radio.

Colonel Poddubny had a tacit patronage, hoping to lure in order to work in Germany, which was a bit easier legend the wrestling Mat. But the proposals about moving Poddubny said that he is a Russian wrestler who will stay.

Eysk was released in 1943 year, and Poddubny are once again in the dungeons of the NKVD, as an accomplice of the invaders. But to dig up any dirt failed and the wrestler were released. But in personal rations Poddubny refused. As written in our days, the newspaper “Evening Moscow”, weighing more than a hundredweight hero malnourished, lost weight, began to hurt. Appeal to the Yeysk city Council with a request to add to his grocery card at least 200 grams of bread a month with no response. Poddubny was forced to sell his gold medals and an exorbitant price to buy the products on the market.

In December 1945, Pushkin was summoned to Moscow and on stage in Gorky Park with a huge stassney people assigned rare then the title of honored master of sports, the young wrestlers are brought Poddubny on hand. 4 years later a heart attack was interrupted by the earthly life of Ivan Poddubny.

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