Why a volcanic eruption in Peru killed millions of people in Russia

Another 27/12/19 Why a volcanic eruption in Peru killed millions of people in Russia

Huaynaputina (Huaynaputina) is one of the most mysterious volcanoes in South America (Peru), having the form of a large crater. Famous for its eruption in the year 1600, February 19, the consequences of which affected not only the American continent but also caused a series of catastrophes and natural disasters and associated socio-economic properties around the globe.

In 2008 an international research team from Finland, Austria, Sweden, Russia and the UK, as well as scholars studying ice in Greenland and Antarctica, has published the results of the ongoing last 25 years of discussion about the causes and consequences of the “mysterious cloud” 536 years, which is mentioned in Byzantine Chronicles: “…the Sun was dark and it lasted 18 months; each day it shone for only about 4 hours however, the light was very weak …the sun had an unusual bluish color…”

Summer frosts in the next few years, destroyed crops, causing famine and pestilence of the population of Eurasia. It was found with a high probability, that the cause of the “little ice age” – the eruption of volcanoes, such Huaynaputina. Researchers from the Centre for ice and climate at the Niels Bohr Institute of the University of Copenhagen discovered in three areas of Greenland in the layers of ice cores traces of this major volcanic eruption.

after Analyzing the information about the events of almost 1.5 years ago, and closer to us in time, occurred in 1600, the researchers concluded that the recurrence of such catastrophes. And global impact in that they affect a vast territory, and their geographical range extends to all continents. In particular, researching information on the impact of the eruption of Huaynaputina volcano on events in Russia, scientists from the Ural branch of RAS summarized the various historical IPthe sources and made the following conclusions:

– 1601-the year in Russia has become the coldest for the past six centuries.
– freeze for the period 1601-1604 year did not stop in the summer months or in September. In the first autumn month consistently lay down the snow, forming a snow cover as winter.
– such a volcanic winter led to the fact that there was a terrible famine. In mass graves, exclusively for the capital of the Russian Kingdom – Moscow, was buried not less than 127 thousand people. Only historians estimate the victims of Huaynaputina in Russia began from half a million to two million people.

in an effort to resolve the situation, reigning in the time of Boris Godunov ordered to distribute to the needy bread and money. As in need it very much, and a clear procedure for the implementation of the decision was, it only heightened the disaster began disorganization and arbitrariness. Landlords without the means to the contents of the slaves and servants were massively expelled from their estates. Looting and robbery flourished in the mere detachment of the ataman of the Cotton there were about 600 persons, and such gangs have been set.

Not saved and temporary cancellation of transition on St. George’s day farmers from one host to another. All this, according to historians, hastened the early death of Boris Godunov in the beginning of 1605, whose reign began quite well. And began with his death, the time of Troubles was almost the end for the whole of the Russian State.

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