Who was the terrorist who committed the most terrible explosion in the mausoleum

History 07/01/20 Who was the terrorist who committed the most terrible explosion in the mausoleum

September 1, 1973 in the mausoleum on red square there was an explosion. The tomb of Lenin was immediately cordoned off by security staff and closed to outsiders. No Soviet newspaper wrote about it. So far about the circumstances of what happened, almost nothing was known.


in the Afternoon, when the mausoleum was fixed a long queue of children in the mourning hall door smoothly passed the unknown man, the guards took him for a school teacher to accompany the class. Due to the large flow of visitors that day, the security was weak, to inspect the unknown person no one guessed.

Being close to the sarcophagus, the man detonated a concealed explosive device by connecting the contacts of the wires.

In the terrible explosion killed the terrorist and two visitors, a husband and a wife, who came to Moscow from Astrakhan. Four students were taken away from the scene with serious injuries. Soldiers of the Kremlin regiment, which was thrown by the explosion, were shell-shocked. Victims could be more, however, the main attack took over the armored glass of the sarcophagus was installed in April 1973. Lenin’s body is not affected.

Despite the fact that the investigation took personal control of the Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov, the investigators have not been able to answer many questions.

Who was the attacker?

the Terrorist was literally blown to bloody medley from his body leaving only a hand and a skull fragment. In this regard, to identify the person turned out to be possible only on the scraps of documents found near the remains. It was found that the explosion gave the offender a repeat offender who was previously sentenced to 10 years in prison.

the identity of the terrorist to this day is not officially called, but as later mentioned in one of interview the former head of the 5th Directorate of the KGB Philip Bobkov, the man arrived in the capital city of Gorlovka (Donetsk region of Ukraine).

This version is confirmed in his book the General of militia Mikhail Kornienko. He recalled that in 1973, when he worked in the Prosecutor’s office of Gorlovka, the office has received a request from the KGB. Security officers asked to raise documents on the murder of 23-year-old local resident, who was found stabbed to death in the Nude in his apartment. A suspect in the case was the spouse of orlovchanki named Nicholas, previously beating beloved.

“Mother, he said: I’m leaving but soon I’ll hear about the whole country,” – shared with the KGB Kornienko. In response, the security officers told him that gorlovchanin committed a crime in Moscow. After a few days it became clear that it was about the terrorist attack in the Mausoleum.

the Motives of terrorist

the Main version of the investigation initially was to ensure that the suicide bomber wanted to repeat the deed of Herostratus and make history as the man who destroyed the mummy of Lenin.

However, from a story by Mikhail Kornienko, a picture emerges of demonstrative suicide, taken partly out of desperation (he was threatened with a new prison term), partly out of protest against the authorities. It was found that the ammonal for the production of explosion Nicholas took from his friend who worked at the mine, saying that he was going fishing.

Note that instances of “protest” suicides in the mausoleum have already been. For example, in 1934, a farmer from the Moscow region Mitrofan Nikitin was aiming at the corpse of Lenin from the gun and trying to stop him shot. In Nikitin’s pocket found a note, in which he criticized the Soviet regime that in the villages people are starving.

in 1967, like the handwriting of the terrorist attack in the mausoleum, arranged a resident of Kaunas in Lithuania by the name Krysanov – explosion then tore off the leg of an Italian tourist.

the Attack of 1973 was the last serious accident at the Lenin mausoleum. In the perestroika and post-Soviet era it is a goodabout protected area has not attracted the attention of terrorists.

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