Who was the man, which Stalin did not fly on airplanes

History 30/12/19 Who was the man, which Stalin did not fly on airplanes

Probably today already for anybody not a secret the fact that Joseph Stalin chose to use the car or rail and avoid aircraft. However, at the time the leader at least twice was going to fly to new examples of Soviet equipment. However, after a tragedy with Vladimir Triandafilov, Stalin flatly refused to travel.

Cancelled flights

In one of the days of June, 1931, Joseph Stalin arrived at the airfield in Tushino: the leader intended to get acquainted with new samples of aviation equipment. At that moment on the tarmac adorned with both domestic and foreign fighters and bombers. According to Alexey Bogomolov, the author of the book “the legend of the first persons of the USSR”, Stalin especially liked the heavy bomber TB-3. Stalin even expressed a desire to ride on this plane. However, the flight did not take place: close to the head of the country for some reason prefer to dissuade him from this venture.

just a few weeks after the visit of Stalin in Tushino the tragedy occurred, which forced the leader to permanently abandon air travel. Writes Oleg Kosynkin in his book “Defense of Stalin”, in the early morning on 12 July 1931 died Vladimir Triandafillov Kiriakovich. According to Kozinkina, the ANT-9, which flew Triandafillov, crashed into a factory chimney in the center of the platform Alabino Western railway. According to Bogomolov, before impact the aircraft touched the tops of the trees due to poor visibility in the day there was thick fog. If you believe Cosentino, at that moment, Vladimir Triandafillov was in the performance of their official duties.

the Greek in the red Army

These same duties Vladimir Triandafilov were directly associated with armed forces of the country. Army Triandafillov has spent most of his life. He was born in a Greek peasant family in 1894, in one of the villages located on the territory of modern Turkey. After graduating from teachers ‘ Seminary, Mr Kiriakovich was drafted into the Imperial army, where he managed to rise to the rank of Colonel. Despite this background, after the revolution, Triandafillov had voluntarily joined the red Army, and after the party. As wrote Vladimir Arazov in his book “the cross and the sword”, Triandafillov was actively involved in the civil war.

during this period, Mr Kiriakovich won the Mikhail Frunze. The latter, as we know, never neglected by former tsarist generals. If you believe Igor Simbirtseva, the author of the publication “the Intelligence of the first years of the USSR”, it was Triandafillov, being a talented strategist, developed the most successful operations Frunze on the Eastern front against Kolchak, as well as in Central Asia and on the elimination of Wrangel’s army in Crimea. Over the merits of Mikhail Frunze was later appointed Triantafillou operations chief of the General staff of the red army. Due to the fact that Mr Kiriakovich was close to Frunze, some historians suggest that the crash in which the first and died, was fixed.

the Ban for all

anyway, after the death of Vladimir Triandafilov Joseph Stalin never stuttered on the air travel. The leader only used the car, as well as the rail services, and even taking into account the fact that the plane is on the place could be much faster. So, on the legendary Potsdam conference, Stalin went on the train and, as a consequence, missed the event for the whole day. If you believe Eugene Gussarova, the author of the publication “Stalin lives,” the President apologized to the U.S. President Harry Truman: he said he wanted to go on the plane not to be late, but doctors have forbidden to fly. However, by the time Stalin really suffered a third heart attack.

meanwhile, Stalin not only did not fly himself, but was forbidden to climb into the sky and their associates. In September 1931, when killed Vladimir Triandafillov, Sergey Kirov asked Stalin to use air transport for the flight to Sochi. However, the leader strictly forbade Kirov to do it. In the book Nicholas Zenkovich “Leaders and followers: surveillance, slander, persecution” following is the text of the reply telegram from Stalin. “I have no right and do not advise anyone to give permission for the flights. I beg you to bring the railway” – he wrote.

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