Who came to the siege of Leningrad

History 12/01/20 Who came to the siege of Leningrad

During the siege of Leningrad left about a million people. However, there were those, who voluntarily went to the besieged, starving city. What motivated these people?


business Trips to besieged Leningrad, were not uncommon. Primarily, this concerned the doctors.

the Epidemiological situation in the Northern capital was complicated, and the Leningrad the doctors could not cope. Major of medical service Boris Karasev recalled that he went to the siege of the city in March 1942, after graduating from the Moscow medical Institute.

“Immediately after handed us the diplomas to the message said: need volunteers to help the besieged Leningrad. And announced the list of volunteers. In the list it was and I,” said Karasev.

Although the element of coercion was present, many do went to Leningrad on his heart, wanting to help his people. Only one bus Karasev was 60 physicians. In addition, the line in the biography “worked in the besieged Leningrad” promised a successful career in future.

Doctors, of course, ate better than ordinary blockade. At work, as he recalled Karasev, he was given a daily 500 grams of bread (for comparison, in some periods of the siege factory workers got in 2 times less). Cases of fainting from hunger, neither he nor the other doctors-memoirists do not mention, although they write that sometimes “fell from exhaustion”.

In Leningrad continued to work industry, and in town riding technical experts. For example, academic Ksenia GEMP moved to Leningrad to organize the production of food products from algae. Designer Alexey Sudaev worked in the city from late 1942 to July 1943 he supervised the production of his machine gun, which armed the defenders of Leningrad. Specialist in radio electronics Vladimir Kotelnikov has arrived from Ufa to start production of memechanical nodes in the classification at plant of a name of Kulakova.


wanted to get to Leningrad and staff propagandists of the Soviet government. For example, in April 1942 as a war correspondent for the “Right” got to fly on a plane writer Alexander Fadeev, together with the poet Margarita Aliger. In the book “Leningrad in days of blockade” Fadeev wrote about the “miracle stories” about how starving peasants resisted the enemy. While the worst things a Professor does not notice. He mentions neither the true number of starving to death or cannibalism. The crime novelist is also diminished.

“Speculation in Leningrad not acquired and could not gain wide distribution,” he argued.

we also Know about the trips to the besieged city writer and journalist Ivan Vinogradova, photographer Sergey Strunnikov and others. As ate sent?

“the Blockade of every description met with unusual enthusiasm. First, come friends, it was possible to see loved ones, relatives of the person, secondly, that it was important, brought food,” — said the researcher Natalia Gromov.

indeed, Fadeev mentions captured with butter, cheese, sugar and eggs. But we can assume that some part of the arrived has power from another source. It is known that in a closed Eliseevsky grocery store was located distributed “for the elite”, where the war was fruit and meat. According to the memoirs of a former employee of the dispenser, Nina Spirovo, spetspayki received several “outstanding figures of culture and art”.

Strive to Leningrad creative people can not only in order to curry favor with the party. Survived the blockade philologist Olga Freidenberg, 18 November 1943, wrote to his cousin, Boris Pasternak:

“We’ll call in the winter, to rest, to work in peace. You will find on our front, in the front, need to you material, what is not there.”

Horsechno, Freudenberg could expect that it is something perepadet from the special rations relative. However, she was right – stay in the besieged city gave a unique experience, valuable for a writer. However, Pasternak to her never came.

Timur Sagdiyev

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