Who are in the tank the more chance to survive

Weapons 21/01/20 who are in the tank the more chance to survive

Since the first in the history of the world tank took part in the fighting, after more than 100 years. However, despite the technological advances in the creation of military weapons, as well as in the first sample of combat armored vehicle crawler – the British MK1, in modern developments such military equipment remain vulnerable places.

What ruined the tank in the First world

a Detailed study of the process of creating the world’s first tank MK1 “Lincoln” can be found in the work of the Russian historian of arms Seeds Fedoseyev “Land ships”. The first battle against the Germans a few MK1 in the composition of the Anglo-French troops took Northern France (the area of the river Somme, near the villages of Guemar and Fleur) in mid-September 1916. According to Fedoseyev, up to 80% of wounds, including fatal, tankers MK1 and its subsequent modifications in the First world war received through the side slits from shrapnel and bullet lead splash getting to the armor. And in principle, riding in these Swinger was unsafe: tankers etched kupliauskas inside of the exhaust and gun smoke, and there have been heat stroke due to high temperature inside the tank, it could reach 70 degrees.

… and in the great Patriotic

the Main tank is the worker-peasant red Army (RKKA) in 1942 to the end of the war was T-34. The Germans a large part of the great Patriotic war (first three years), the dominant feature of the panzerwaffe (armoured forces of the Wehrmacht) were the T-III (Pz.Kpfw.III).

a veteran of the great Patriotic war, the commander of a tank battalion Arkady Mar recalled: when the shell hit the tower, as a rule, immediately killed the gun commander and loader. So Mar the T-34 as before T-60 and T-70, preferred to take the place of the driver. Tank ACE, Lieutenant General, hero of the Russian fFederatsii Vasiliy bryukhov said, that most Soviet tanks when hit by an enemy shell in the most disadvantaged were radio operators: they did not have a separate hatch to quickly get out of the burning car. If the so-called “blanks” (steel neocolony shell “breakdown” of the action) fell into aboard a T-34, killed all who met her. According to the memoirs of a tank commander Vladimir Eroshenko, in the Great Patriotic war – second Lieutenant, one day after such a hit “pig” cut in half, the driver and killed the radio operator-gunner of his crew.

In the German Pz.Kpfw.III, according to the “Memo tankers to fight our tanks with tanks of the enemy” (1942), the most dangerous places were the ones that took the gunners, shooters and drivers. Among the most vulnerable points of the T-III Soviet instructors called peepholes, and holes for scopes. As the preferred targets in the red army recommended that the side and rear armor of German tanks. A similar purpose was also highlighted in the brochure “Destroy fascist tanks from anti-tank rifle” (year of publication Voenizdat NKO is the same as “Memo”).

Problem areas in modern tanks

Famous Russian engineer Stankostroitel the Area of Babylon in his book “Main battle tank Russia. A Frank conversation about the problems of tank” wrote that the Russian T-80 (these tanks were actively used during the first Chechen campaign of 1994-1996.) the mechanic-driver is located in the Department of management, tightly closed, isolated from the sector commander and the gunner of the tank, so if the driver is injured, it is impossible to evacuate hastily.

the Threat to the entire crew of domestic T-90, according to chief designer of armored vehicles “Uralvagonzavod” Vladimir Nevolina, occurs in case of penetration of armor the tank: the crew, ammunition and fuel are very close to each other, not separated by special panels (as in the American “Abrams”).

According the Deputy chief of the US army John Murray, their “Abrams” is not ideal in terms of safety of the crew: the tank is powerful frontal armor, but the upper projection is quite vulnerable – it can penetrate even the RPG-7 (for example, in urban areas, confirmed that the war in Iraq). “Abrams” is not sufficiently protected from the impact of improvised explosive devices. For example, in late October 2003 M1A2 SEP tank was blown up by this bomb near the Iraqi city of Baquba (50 km northeast of Baghdad). Killed the tank commander and mechanic-driver, gunner seriously wounded. Subsequently in Iraq took place and other cases of explosions in mines, leading to death of crew members of the Abrams.

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