Which the only order was awarded to Vladimir Lenin

History 02/01/20 Which the only order was awarded to Vladimir Lenin

Some people mistakenly believe that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was awarded the order of red banner. This award was decorated by the French leader on the day of his funeral. In fact, however, this order isn’t Vladimir Ilyich and his Secretary Nikolai Gorbunov. However, Lenin had indeed received a single order, but he most likely did not even know.

another order of the red banner

According to the “Compendium of the persons, awarded the order the red banner and the honorary revolutionary weapon,” published in 1926, one of the owners of the order of the red banner and was Chairman of people’s Commissars of the USSR Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. The publication does not specify the number corresponding to the order of the military revolutionary Council of Republic (the Revolutionary military Council of the Republic), but there is a year award – 1923. As you know, then the leader of the world proletariat was still alive. In fact, however, mentioned award was given to Vladimir Ilyich after the death. This explains the lack of the number of orders. Order of the red banner of the dead Lenin decided to “reward” Nikolai Petrovich Gorbunov.

Nikolai Gorbunov from 1920 to 1930 was the business Manager of the CPC and for a time performed the duties of a personal Secretary of Vladimir Ilyich. It Gorbunov, and not Lenin in 1920 was awarded the order of the red banner No. 4274. However, as the authors of the book “Lenin, which argue today,” Miran Mchedlov and Alexey Abramov, after the leader died, Nikolai Petrovich, being in the Hills, attached to the French late own order. At the moment Gorbunov no charge: this deed he committed, yielding exclusively to spiritual impulse. Subsequently Gorbunov received a duplicate of his order.

the Revolution in Khorezm NSR

However, this makeshift “ceremony” took place after the death of Vladimir Ulyanov. When life We I. won only one award – the order of Work of the Khorezm people’s Soviet Republic. How to write the V. A. Perfilov, V. N. Smerkalov L. And Bulova in the publication of “the Life of Lenin: questions and answers”, this award was established in honor of the anniversary of the Khorezm revolution, which took place in April 1920. The revolution was initiated by the local Communist party, which numbered only a few hundred people. After that, the territory of the Khiva khanate joined the Red Army, the Shah of Khorezm left his throne and held the First Khorezm Kurultay (Congress).

After 2 years in Khorezm NSR has a new award. If you believe the Yuri and Tatiana by Lubchenkova, the authors of the publication “Orders and medals of the Soviet Union” the authors of the order were the poet Kamil Ismailov Sofas and chaser Suburgan Khudaibergenov. The award was made of silver and consisted of a oval surrounded by leaves tuck. In the center was a picture of a sheaf of wheat, anvil, two hammer, the star and the coat of arms of the Republic. It is noteworthy that the coat of arms adorned the inscription: “Workers of all countries, unite!”. The proletariat was decided not to mention as such in the Khorezm PSR at the moment is simply absent.

non-delivered award

One of the first orders of Work of the Khorezm people’s Soviet Republic, according to the decree of the Central Executive Committee, was awarded to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. As argued by Delyara fakhretdinova, the author of the book “the Jewelry art of Uzbekistan”, in the letter accompanying the award stated: “In commemoration of the second anniversary of the Khorezm revolution we established the Order of Labor for our heroes labor. We ask You, dear and beloved, our master, to accept this award according to the decree of the Central Executive Committee and carry it as a symbol of liberation of labor in the East after centuries of slavery.” This letter and the award itself was handed over to the Secretariat of the CPC in August 1922 for subsequent delivery to the leader.

However, according to Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, the author of the publicationI “100 great treasures of Russia”, about how did Lenin about his award, is still unknown. The fact is that while Vladimir Ilyich was already seriously ill. The state of health of Lenin began to deteriorate since the end of 1921 and in may 1922 the leader had his first stroke. It is clear that by the time when the CEC of the Khorezm people’s Soviet Republic decided to award the Lenin order of Work, the fact it was not until the awards. Meanwhile, the only order that Lenin won in life, not lost and still stored in the Central Museum of V. I. Lenin.

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