Which countries refused to extradite fugitive Nazi war criminals

History 18/01/20 Which countries refused to extradite fugitive Nazi war criminals

the Consequences of the fascist regime that prevailed in the mid-20th century, is still being felt. The infringement of human rights on a national basis has not outlived its usefulness even in post-industrial society. Therefore, there is a non-governmental organization “Simon Wiesenthal Center” that is fighting terrorism, chauvinism and anti-Semitism, examining the impact of the Holocaust. The Association is named after the famous “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal. Despite active global support, value system TSSV is not supported by all countries.

Nazi Hunters

we are Talking about people who voluntarily engaged in search of Nazi criminals. As a rule, they prioritize the direct perpetrators of the Holocaust and similar crimes against humanity. Nazi hunters appeared immediately after the Second World war. However, their activities to the end of the 20th century is almost stopped due to the fact that almost all of the Nazis-the fugitives died or aged.

According to the Israeli publication Mignews, Nazi hunters planned to find more than 6,500 criminals, 1200 of whom were charged with premeditated murder. Of course, managed to find not all — not serving a sentence of more than 1000 people. The cause of the failure was announced on may 2, 2011. “The Simon Wiesenthal center” has prepared a report, which was given the list of countries refusing to investigate Nazi war crimes.

Crimes without a Statute of limitations

From the cooperation with Nazi hunters refused, the governments of Austria, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Syria, Estonia, Sweden. And it is in these States, according to TSSV, hiding important figures involved in the Holocaust

the Estonian Gestapo Mikhail Gorshkov, the Belarusian killed in the ghetto a few thousand people;
-Lithuanian Algimantas Dailide granting the Jewish population to the Nazis.
a former canadian citizen and member of the death squads Helmut Oberlander responsible for the deaths of 20 thousand Ukrainians during the Second World war.

This is only a small part of the criminals who won the right with impunity to escape on the territory of the above States. The authorities of these countries reasoned its decision the legal and ideological constraints.

All the requirements for extradition of Nazi war criminals, blocked Federal courts of Estonia, Latvia, Canada, Austria and so on. Court motivated its decision by the fact that the term “war crime” no local legislation at the time of committing offences — during the Second World war. The ideological background of non-cooperation with the TSSV is the idea of universal humanism of the 21st century.

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