It’s a popular question before the start of each Bundesliga season: which coach will fly first? In this season, which is not quite over yet thanks to relegation and the cup final, it is more likely to be a puzzle – slightly modified: Which Bundesliga coach will fly last? Borussia Dortmund took the lead in this ranking on Friday, while Marco Rose is already over after just one year at BVB.

Before Rose, Adi Hütter (Mönchengladbach), Markus Weinzierl (Augsburg), Stefan Leitl (Fürth), Sebastian Hoeneß (Hoffenheim) and Florian Kohfeldt (Wolfsburg) vacated their place on the coaching bench more or less voluntarily last week.

In addition, there is Mike Büskens at newly promoted FC Schalke 04, who wants to move back into the second ranks, and possibly Hertha BSC, where Felix Magath was not necessarily planning to stay beyond the season.

Changing coaches is part of the football business, but the concentrated wave of separations these days is remarkable and shows that there is a latent dissatisfaction (and impatience) in many clubs that – see Dortmund – cannot even be appeased with a runner-up.

In the new season, the 18 first division clubs will only be coached in nine cases (or ten, depending on the outcome of the relegation) by the same head coaches who were there at the start of the 2021/22 season. The summer break has only just begun.

However, it is also part of the business that a layoff here is regularly followed by a new job there. Markus Weinzierl may go to Hoffenheim, Stefan Leitl has already found what he is looking for at Hannover 96 in the second division.

And Rose, Hütter or Kohfeldt will probably not have to wait too long for a new job either – after all, there are vacancies in many clubs.

And after this season, the completely absurd case is even conceivable that the big ring exchange of last summer is at least partially reversed. Dortmund is already starting with that and is bringing Edin Terzic back as head coach. He would then succeed his successor Rose, who replaced him in 2021.

Theoretically, Rose could go back to Gladbach. Lucien Favre is already being discussed there, who was last replaced by Terzic in Dortmund and Hütter … Stop! You realize it’s getting complicated.

The fact is: the coaching carousel in the Bundesliga is in constant motion and will be turning in a new direction by August 5th at the latest. When the popular question is asked again: Which coach will fly first?