Where in Russia is the strongest solar radiation

Nature 24/08/19 in Russia, Where the strongest solar radiation

Solar activity – a set of diverse processes, including, among other things, there are more and insolation. It is the exposure of the surface of the earth in sunlight, and it is different everywhere. The level of insolation depends on temporal, spatial and energy data, and in Russia, mainly in Northern the country, too, there are cities in which the sun is dangerous.

Insolation: why and what depends

it has long been scientifically proven that sun exposure has both several advantages and several negative consequences for human health. Ultraviolet radiation is not enough, until the appearance of a critical shortage of vitamin D in the body, directly influencing bone strength. Or, on the contrary, it can be in excess, which leads to negative consequences. For example, the active and prolonged exposure to solar energy capable of destroying cells of the surface layers of human skin, as well as tiny capillaries that feed them. Similar pathological effects the sun and on the cornea of the eye. The level of solar radiation depends on the geographic latitude, and the number of clear days in a year. But also in the determination of the insolation takes into account the angle of the axis of rotation of the Earth relative to the orbit around the Sun, so for the regions that are removed from the equator towards the poles of the Earth, important is the seasonal dependence of solar radiation. The annual insolation per square meter of horizontal area in different cities of Russia, specify in megawatts. This method is based on mathematical and physical variables and in Russia was completed in the 1970’s. currently using specially created algorithms and computer programs allowing to calculate any characteristics of the insolation on the territory of each particular region of the country.

the Insolation at the some Russian cities

the Level of solar radiation is important and is studied not only in the interests of the health, but also taking into account state energy policy. These calculations involved several research centers. For example, according to the scientists of the Institute of energy strategy, the most dangerous solar radiation in our country is not in the cities of the North Caucasus and Krasnodar Krai, as it would be logical to assume, as in Astrakhan and Vladivostok. Annual insolation per square meter of horizontal area in Astrakhan on average is 1.38 W/m. it Turns out that it is the high solar activity and intensity. In Vladivostok, where, for example, solar days per year is 270, annual insolation – 1,29 W/m. For comparison, the same average level, the scientists calculate, and in Rostov-na-Donu, but there are Sunny days per year is 220. In Sochi, Makhachkala and Krasnodar with the sun a similar situation: the level of annual insolation in them is of 1.28-1.31 W/sq m, and the number of Sunny days in a year rarely exceeds 230. In Moscow annual insolation is estimated by scientists at 1.1 W/sq. m, with Sunny days in the capital can be from 40 to 100 for the entire year. In Saint-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, and even in the most active solar watch “crown” of summer tanning to the residents of these cities is almost not possible.

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