Where are you going? The biker accelerated and ran over the pedestrian — but he himself is to blame. Studying video

under the heading “Where you going?” new this season an accident involving a biker. Street Station motorcycle was hit by a pedestrian who tried to cross the road in the wrong place. It is clear that it is a violation of the pedestrian, but how this outcome was affected by the speed of the rider — it is known that they do not go slowly. More info at Dmitry Kosenko.

the Evening of may 26, ulitsa Stantsionnaya, 83 — at this point, the roadway has 4 lanes. Through all these 4 bands trying to cross the man — in front of the car in the left lane he was able to slip through, but in the right lane at this point is rapidly moving motorcycle. After a moment, the blow — flies pedestrian, the motorcyclist loses control and falls — see the video.