Novatus Artistic Director Vladimir Kekhman said that in theatre there is a problem with the sale of cheap tickets, which appeared after viewers have opened the upper tier after reconstruction.

— You remember, Yes, there was a huge number of claims that we have no of cheap tickets. That all very upset that there is no tiers, where would the cheapest tickets. Remember the story, right? And that’s where all those shouters, I don’t understand. It’s just nonsense that we now have the problem of how to sell these tickets cheap. I am amazed at what is happening here. Every time for me in Novosibirsk, the audience is a surprise. But this story with cheap tickets, it puzzles me. Where are all the people who want to buy cheap tickets? We are waiting for them, and they do not come to us, — said Vladimir Kekhman reporters at a press conference dedicated to the ballet “the taming of the shrew”.