What Zhukov assigned the first title of Hero of the Soviet Union

History 29/01/20 For that Zhukov was awarded the first title of Hero of the Soviet Union

Marshal Zhukov is without doubt the most famous Soviet General of the Second world war. For this reason he is the most discussed, and in the post-Soviet era and one of the most controversial. Today we know of the large number of unsuccessful operations, which he conducted. But the biography of the commander is best to talk to his reward, ask them. Zhukov 67 awards and medals, both Soviet and foreign. The first of the future Marshal was still in the Russian Imperial army — it was “the insignia of the Military order” of the IV-th and III-rd degrees, better known as “George cross”.

In 1922 in the red Army order of “Red Flag” went to Zhukov for the suppression of the peasant uprising in Tambov.

In 1936, Zhukov was awarded the order of Lenin for bringing the 4th cavalry division, commanded, among the best units of the red army. In 1938 he received the medal “XX years of the workers’ and peasants ‘red Army”.

For the victory at Khalkhin Gol in 1939 Zhukov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, was awarded the medal “gold Star” and a second order of Lenin. Then he received the first foreign awards: the order of the Mongolian “Red flag” and Tuvan “Order of Republic”.

this is a list of his pre-war awards ends. During the great Patriotic war of the first national award he has received only in 1943. It is Russian because in 1942 Zhukov was given the second Mongolian order of the Red flag.

In 1943, Zhukov was awarded two orders of Suvorov, and one of them was No 1, and the second for No. 39. Both orders of this on the totality of successful operations, however, is not entirely clear what. At that period have just the most unfortunate episodes of the biography of Zhukov, but management knew better. In January 1943, Jukovu was also awarded the title of Marshal of the Soviet Union.

In 1944, the awards have become much bigger, which is not surprising — the Red Army was winning victories one after another. In April, for the liberation of right-Bank Ukraine Zhukov was awarded the order “Victory”. Contrary to common assertions, the order was not No1, as these orders had no rooms. But he got his very first. In July 1944, Marshall became twice Hero of the Soviet Union and gained a second medal “gold Star” and the third order of Lenin. In November of the same year Zhukov handed over the second award “Red Banner”.

In 1945, Zhukov gets the second order “Victory” with the words “for skilled execution of tasks of the Supreme command”. That is, in the aggregate.

it is Worth noting that often found in the literature of the name “Order of the red banner” and “Order of Victory” are used incorrectly. The names of these awards, according to the official statutes of March 28, 1980 and November 8, 1943, respectively, be the order “Red Banner” and the order “Victory”. In June, 1945 for the victory over Germany, Zhukov was awarded the title three times Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the third medal “gold Star” and a fourth order of Lenin .

in addition, among the military awards of Georgy listed medal: “For defence of Leningrad” “For defence of Moscow” “For defence of Stalingrad”, “For defense of Caucasus”, “For victory over Germany in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945”, “For capture of Berlin”, “For victory over Japan” “For liberation of Warsaw”. Two of them are not quite clear, as in the defense of the Caucasus (the medal awarded in 1944) and the defeat of Japan would like Zhukov did not participate.

After the war, Zhukov was awarded fifteen medals and twelve medals of great Britain, France, USA, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, China, Yugoslavia, Italy, Egypt and Bulgaria. The last of them, “the Order of Rebirth of Poland” 3rd class was awarded to him in 1973. After the war, in 1949, Zhukov was awarded the third order of the “Red sNam”.

In December 1956, Zhukov was awarded the title four times Hero of the Soviet Union and awarded the fourth medal “gold Star” and the fifth order of Lenin for the suppression of the Hungarian uprising and in connection with 60th birthday. Which of the reasons was to award the main, hard to say. By the way, until his death in 1974, Zhukov was the country’s only four-time Hero of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev received a fourth Gold Star in 1981. 9 February 1955-26 October 1957 Zhukov was Minister of defense then was expelled from the Central Committee of the Communist party, he was removed from all posts and sent into retirement.

However, the award was still. In 1968 “For merits in building and strengthening the army and in connection with its 50th anniversary” Zhukov was awarded the order of the October revolution and the inscribed sword with a gold State emblem of the USSR. In 1971 “for services to the armed forces,” he received the sixth order of Lenin.

but orders in the postwar years, was and medals, handing to the memorable dates: “Twenty years of Victory in the great Patriotic war 1941-1945”, “In memory of 800-anniversary of Moscow”, “In memory of 250th anniversary of Leningrad”, “30 years of Soviet Army and Navy”, “50 years of the Armed Forces of the USSR” and even… the honorary badge “Honored worker of the Ministry of interior”.

In General, during the period of hostilities in the great Patriotic war, Marshal Zhukov was awarded seven medals, two Gold Stars and eight medals. Plus two St. George cross in the First world and the rewards for Khalkhin Gol. Interestingly, begin and end his military biography and two awards for the suppression of uprisings.

Cyril Shishkin

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