What would happen if the US hit Russia with nuclear weapons

Weapons 26/01/20 mil.gitto would happen if the US hit Russia’s nuclear weapons

Foreigners call it the “Dead hand”, and Russian system “Perimeter”. Under these words there is an automatic control system, capable to respond to massive nuclear strike.

What it is

abroad, the “Perimeter” system known as Dead Hand or “Dead hand”. The name of the Russian complex was because it is automated and ensures to bring military order to all the command units, which are armed with nuclear weapons. This allows you to launch rockets even in the absence of communication, that is, to respond promptly to the attack of the enemy.

the Complex, began to create during the cold war, when the United States has repeatedly threatened the USSR with a nuclear strike. One of the developers of this system Vladimir Yarynich — in an interview with Wired magazine explained that before launching a retaliatory strike, “Perimeter” checks that the use of nuclear missiles on the territory of the country and the existence of a relationship with the staff.

How will Russia respond if the U.S. will strike

information about the work of “Dead hand” quite a bit, as the project has a certain degree of secrecy. However, it is known that the complex it is impossible to destroy, disable, or neutralize, because it is designed to work in extreme situations.

Viktor Baranets, a journalist and a retired Colonel, in one of its articles reports that if for some reason the Russian anti-missile system will not be able to shoot down all the running enemy shells, in the Center of defense management of the country to get a signal. Information received without delay to the Minister of defence of Russia and the President, who will press the button retaliatory missile launch. “Perimeter” will monitor the situation and work in parallel.

the Journalist Alexander Khrolenko, in his article describes in detail the effect of this complex: “Finding signs of a nuclear strike, “Perimeter” vulgaret request to the General staff. Get some (calming) response, the system will return to the state of the analysis environment. If contact with the General staff will not be installed (technical failure excluded in principle), Perimeter self-refer to the control system for strategic missiles “Kazbek”. This leads to the fact that nuclear missiles from submarines, bunkers and other locations will be launched and directed to the side of the aggressor, where the blow was struck.

If fall under attack, the Kremlin and the President, or other responsible person will not be able to manually enable a nuclear installation in the case entered the “Perimeter”. He will check the nuclear attack and the connection with the General staff. In the absence of communication system that will give the right to launch rockets to any person in the bunker. If contact with the General staff functions staff — after 15 minutes, the complex will shut down, as the first person in the country is able to give the order.

“Dead hand” features a variety of options, but the main principle of the system is the ability to strike back even if destroyed, all the command centers. This approach negates the idea of a preventive nuclear strike, when one of the parties hopes lightning attack to turn the enemy into radioactive ash. The answer will not keep itself waiting.

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