What was found in the pockets of the dead German soldiers during the great Patriotic war

History 26/01/20 That found in pockets of dead German soldiers during the great Patriotic war

in addition to documents, letters and photos in the pockets of clothes of the German soldiers, the red army often found more interesting things. Among the items discovered were even Soviet leaflets. Also, many of the Nazis to carry lighters, razors and other supplies.

German leaflets

In the pockets of those killed in the fighting during the great Patriotic war a German soldier the red army often found all kinds of leaflets. Most often these folks were a kind of weapon of German propaganda. They were intended to raise the morale of their troops, and also have a negative effect on the enemy. So, if you believe S. P. Knyazev, the author of the book “In defense of the Neva strongholds” in guerrilla hands once got a German leaflet, which contains detailed and with photos described the entry of enemy troops in Leningrad. According to Knyazev, then many in the squad lowered his hands.

in addition to using flyers, the German leadership tried to cheer up the soldiers. For example, in the publication “Memories” of Eleazar of Malatinskeho there is information on the leaflets found in the pockets of a few Nazis. According to Malatinskeho, not devoid of irony, the text describes a future, namely 1950. Berlin is supposed to be a review Nazi troops. And suddenly, in the midst of the celebration in the square there is a group of ragamuffins who don’t speak German. Adolf Hitler asked: “Who are they?” and he answered: “This is the 295th infantry division, which we forgot on the Russian front in 1942”.

the Soviet leaflets

However, in addition to German, in the pockets of Hitler’s form met and Soviet flyers. As the authors of the publication “the battle of Kursk: the chronicle, the facts, people” by V. A. Zhilin and others, the Germans were hoarding such literature with a fairly specific purpose. Those German the soldiers who managed to survive, later admitted that he surrendered because didn’t see any other way. However, Feldwebel Helmut Ghayn said that, too, carried in his pocket a Soviet flyer, although surrender wasn’t going.

it is Possible that Helmut Ghayn with a flyer, hoping for a more favorable attitude on the part of the winners. Meanwhile, the Germans are not always carried in their pockets enemy leaflets in good faith. So, in the book “the Word of truth in the struggle against fascism” Nina Rudenko describes the cases where the crypto Odessa Komsomol organization for the distribution of leaflets specifically went to a dance where quietly put leaflets into the pockets of German soldiers.

Other items

Found in the pockets of the victims of the Nazis and more “traditional” things: most often it was not sent to or received from the house of letters. So, Robert Kershaw in his book “1941 the eyes of the Germans” quotes an excerpt from a letter in which a woman from Germany swears fidelity to her husband and convinces him that he must “protect his wifey and kids”. But in the pocket of a German soldier Harry Kyle was found an unsent letter to no one Rolf Ageru, which has such militancy is no different. As reported by the Soviet information Bureau in 1944, the letter said: “We went to his death. From our company survived only one fourth of the people. It was 180 people, left 45”.

the Journalist Ilya Ehrenburg, the author of the documentary series “People, years, life”, wrote about the fact that the German soldiers and officers also found photos of loved ones and other personal belongings. According to Ehrenburg, in the knapsacks of the Nazis, the red army found books, diaries and razors, pocket – a fountain pen and fancy lighters, including in the form of miniature revolvers. Were found in the pockets of German forms and documents, ammunition, knives, flashlights, cigarette cases, playing cards and REICHSMARK.

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