What to do business, if the income of Russians, according to analysts, will fall by 17.5%

According to VEB, the income of Russians could fall by 17.5%, and it will directly affect the development of small and medium business in Russia — clients don’t come to the point of sale and, therefore, does not pay even the rent, you have to take loans to pay salaries, which have nothing to return.

not to panic business owners across the country unite to help each other to stay afloat during the crisis. That is why the Agency WannaFly launched the campaign on one of the most effective tools of Internet promotion — contextual advertising. (An advertisement is displayed in accordance with the query and user’s interests.)

Discount 30% configuring contextual advertising:

Yandex.Direct or Google.Adwords — 8 330 RUB is 11 900 rubles at a time (the first month of optimization as a gift);
Yandex.Direkt + Google.Adwords — 12 530 RUB instead of 17 900 rubles at a time (the first month of optimization as a gift).

cooperation is Possible on a barter basis and in installments.