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according to the author of the book “Kotovsky,” Victor Savchenko”, “Robin hood” from Bessarabia, which later became a red commander, was a great authority in the criminal world. It is not surprising that Grigory Kotovsky, who was known in 1906 was in the Kishinev prison, managed to call to order both prisoners and administration.

Noble criminal

Biography of Grigori Ivanovich Kotovsky is still shrouded in legends. Thus, according to one of them, criminal path “Bessarabian Robin hood” began with a romantic story. How to write Alexander Soloviev and Valery Bashkirov, the authors of the book “the Burglary that shook the world”, in his youth he served in the Kotovsky estate of count Cantacuzino, whose wife he seduced. On hearing this, Cantacuzino ordered the peasants to associate Kotovsky and throw in the steppe. But the young lover was released from bondage, returned, killed the count and set the house on fire. From that moment Grigory and hated the rich landowners, who subsequently began to loot with his gang.

if Kotovsky came Up with this story, or it happened in reality? Andrei Burovskii, author of the book “Russia, blood-washed”, claims that members of a gang Kotovsk really specialized in the looting of the rich, and the portion of revenue shared with the poor. Due to this population to such an extent supported Kotovsky that supplied him with food and warned about police raids. Great authority was Kotovskogo and in the criminal world. Victor Savchenko in its publication, “Kotovskij” quotes the words of a Sibiryakov, who was sitting with Kotovsky in Kishinev prison. Siberians reported that “bessarabets” organized protests of the prisoners against the arbitrariness of the prison administration, and, on such a scale that the latter eventually made concessions.

the Fight is absurdTitov

according to Sergei Reutov, author of the book “Legends of the gangster in Odessa”, in the Kishinev prison Grigory Kotovsky landed in 1906. Behind bars Grigory immediately got the nickname the cat and became very popular among prisoners. However, Kotovsky was cute not for everyone. In particular in the said prison until the Cat ran with thugs with names of Sagari and Rogachev. They, as claimed by Gennady Ananiev on the pages of his publications “Kotovskij”, and imposed a tribute to all prisoners, almost openly traded tobacco, as well as with his people was stolen from the prison kitchen products. Kotovsky urged Zagari and Rogachev to order, and those pretending to be obeyed, decided to remove a competitor and to regain its former position.

Mikhail Barsukov, the author of the book “Communist rebel”, wrote that Zahari and Rogachev made several attempts to Kotovskogo. They planned to scald “Bessarabian Robin hood” with boiling water in the bath, and after to finish off the gangs. However, to do this they failed: Kotovskogo warned of the danger of the inmates of his “team”. At other times referred to the authorities and their accomplices tried to score Grigory Ivanovich and his supporters with stones during a walk. According to the historian Boris Sokolov, that day in the prison yard broke out in a real battle, in which killed the forger the Ass from a gang of Sagari and raider the gross from the “team” Kotovsky. However, the loss of wounded and maimed Zagari was still more. Thus, the victory remained with the Cat.

the Real story

However, Oleg Smyslov, author of “Kotovsky. Robin hood of the revolution,” writes that Grigory Kotovsky cannot be considered a criminal authority in the literal meaning of this definition. Then, in the beginning of the twentieth century in places not so remote, in fact, dominated by criminals, who had primarily physical strength. Kotovsky, as is known, this criterion completely met. However, according to Smyslov, Grigory with SVAMI “craft” did not fit into the hierarchy of the criminal world of those years. So Smyslov believes that Kotovskaya has gained popularity not because of its criminal career.

in General, most historians have questioned many of the episodes from the life of Gregory Kotovsky. “Bessarabets”, as we know, loved to pristinity. So, Roman Gul, the author of the book “Historical portraits”, I am sure that the initiator of the above mentioned attacks on Kotovsky was the prison, not criminals, has lost its credibility. According to Gulya, the administration of the Kishinev prison was not in awe of the fact that any order Kotovsky became the order for the prisoners. Therefore, the guards and persuaded Zagari, Rogachev and some Kozlova to kill the Cat accidentally broke out in a fight, but the venture failed.

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