What the troops of Russian traitors fought against the red Army

History 19/01/20 What troops Russian traitors fought against the red Army

When talking about Soviet citizens, who fought in the Second World war on the German side, usually involve “Vlasov” and nationalists, type “Bandera” or the Lithuanian “forest brothers”.

it is Connected primarily with the fact that in Soviet times the subject was completely closed. The activity of the same Vlasov has not been reported, both during his service to the Germans and, especially, the mystery was covered by his service in the red Army. If that was written about his past is that he was stupid, petty, passive, nor what can not. Could even be a question, how did he even get to top management positions. But in the Soviet Union the wrong questions did not arise by definition.

as created by Vlasov of the Russian Liberation Army (ROA)*, that it actually consisted of two infantry divisions (1st and 2nd). 1st infantry division was formed on 23 November, the 43rd year, was a well-manned and armed compound. And volunteers from the concentration camps in the division was very small, was based on the remains of the 29-th and 30-th SS divisions and other small parts, which separately below.

In the Wehrmacht it was called the 600th infantry division, and was used in that capacity. About any “liberation of Russia” it was not, for the simple reason that the German government is the protection of their own country much more worried.

In the fighting way of the 600th division there is an interesting fact, as part in the Prague uprising, and, on the side of the Czechs. 2nd infantry division ROA,* which was called in the Wehrmacht 650 th infantry began to form in January of ‘ 45, but never finished.

most Often ROA* RONA confused with, the names resonate with. Russian Liberation people’s Army (RONA) has created Bronislav Kaminski in the Bryansk region, and Zanimalati she was fighting partisans, and punitive operations, and with cruelty. After the liberation of Bryansk, Kaminsky with his people left with the Germans and continued to fight with the guerrillas, and are actively robbing the local population. At the beginning of the 44th year his group became SS brigade RONA, in August of the same year, the brigade deployed to 29-have a Waffen-SS Grenadier division (1st Russian). The most famous operation RON was involved in the suppression of the Warsaw uprising 44-year. The result of this operation, for the committed crimes, looting, rape, massacres, Kaminski was shot. Even the SS decided that you can’t do it. Later the remnants of the division RON joined the ROA.

they were Formed and the 2-nd Russian division, it is also the 30th Waffen-SS Grenadier. An entire division of it was unable to turn, the personnel fled and rebelled. In the end, the part they sent someone in ROA to Vlasov, a part remained in the new 30th division of the SS, which became in March 45-go of the 1st Belarusian. The basis of division was the Belarusian SS brigade, formed in January ‘ 45 of the Belarusian policemen, who left with the Germans. The division was trying to form until April, and then just dissolved.

there were Russian national army, created by the émigré Boris Smyslovskiy in July 41. In its history has had many names: the division “Russland”, and “Green army special forces” and “Special division R”. Doing “army” basically the training of saboteurs and combat units had not.

Cossack units in the Wehrmacht began to form at the very beginning of the war. The Nazis believed the Cossacks descendants of the Goths and not Slavs. By April 1943 the 1st Cossack division, the end of the year there was already the 15th Cossack corps of two divisions and Plastunskaya brigade. 44-year housing transferred from the Wehrmacht to the SS, were used in fighting partisans in the Balkans.

Russian guard corps was formed in 41-m to year in Yugoslavia and was used against the partisans of Tito. The basis of the case made byvshie officers of the White army who lived in the Balkans. At the end of the war, after the surrender of Bulgaria and Romania, the case happened to be on the front line and joined the battle with the red Army. Then the remains of the corps retreated to Austria and surrendered to British troops.

the Most famous of the national forces was a Ukrainian, “Bandera”. The first Brigade of Ukrainian nationalists was formed even before the attack on the Soviet Union and was meant for subversive activities. “The Ukrainian insurgent army*” has been created in the 41st year, and was engaged in fighting partisans, and punitive operations on the territory of the Soviet Union and Poland.
In March of ‘ 43 was created by the 14th SS division “Galicia”. Mainly operated against the partisans in Poland, France, Yugoslavia, participated in the suppression of the Warsaw and Slovak uprisings. In the battles with the red Army at Brody, the division was almost completely destroyed, but later restored.

Other SS division formed from Soviet citizens: 15th (1st Latvian), 19th (2nd Latvian) and 20th (1st Estonian). There were smaller national groups, such as the Caucasus and Turkestan legions of different composition.

*- an organization banned in Russia

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