What the Soviet troops attacked the Germans in the first day of the great Patriotic

History 06/01/20 Which Soviet troops attacked the Germans in the first day of the great Patriotic

the Beginning of the great Patriotic war was a tragic for the red Army: huge losses, retreat, the encirclement of entire armies.

However, the first day of the war, not all parts of the front went the same way. To obtain the superiority, the Wehrmacht, having overall numerical advantage over the red army, concentrated on the areas of breakthrough, consequently weakening other areas of the offensive. Therefore, some of the commanders of border units, were able to maintain control of their troops, but even to act according to prewar plans. Today, little is known about specific plans for specific divisions, which they kept in the “red packets”. But we are well aware of the pre-war plans of the red army as a whole. And these plans included the active offensive operations of the red Army, both at a strategic and tactical level. So she attacked where they could.

the 87th infantry division

the 87th rifle division 27th rifle corps, 5th army South-Western front was commanded by major General Philip F. Alabushev. Stationed division in 30 km from border district of Volodymyr-Volynskyi. Alert division along with the dowry her 450th corps artillery regiment marches to 9.00 went to Vladimir-Volyn fortified. At the moment the Bunkers fortified stormed the crossing of the bug river 44-I 298-I am a German infantry division.

General Alabushev decided to strike in the joint of two German divisions. The Germans were forced not only to stop the attack, but to retreat to the border. According to the documents of the Wehrmacht, the night of the 23rd of June until two companies of the 87th division crossed the river Western bug, you have crossed the border. Although it was not offensive to our troops, but only the intelligence and the red army was destroyed a mechanized infantry battalion 14-Panzer division of the Wehrmacht, however, the fact of our units crossing the border from East to West documented.

Aleksei Isaev in the article “Custom 22 June” draws attention to the fact that the onset of division Alyabusheva, despite a slight tactical success, was a great, in fact, of strategic importance. Blow the 87th infantry division foiled a breakthrough into the Soviet Union the 14th armored division of Germans that was supposed to be entered in this field. The command of the Wehrmacht was forced to redirect under Vladimir-Volyn 13 Panzer division, which disrupted the movement of troops. And any deviations from the original German plan in those days was very valuable to the red Army.

41st infantry division

the 41st infantry division 6th infantry corps of the 6th army of the southwestern front commanded by major-General Georgiy Nikolaevich Mikushev. Stationed division in the area of Rava-Russian. On the morning of 22 June the 24th and 262 infantry division of the Germans stormed Rava-Russian fortified. The second half of the day in the 41st division to give 209-m corps artillery regiments left for the border.

as between the two divisions of Germans got to the ledge, then flank 262 th division was opened. General Mikushev all the forces struck at the flank of the Germans, causing the enemy was driven back to the border. When it opened the opportunity to attack and open flank of the 24th German divisions. That was done almost immediately, the German command didn’t even have time to react to the changing environment. As a result, both German divisions were driven back and went on the defensive. Some sources claim that part of the 41st division crossed the border and went deep to 3 km into enemy territory, but it is not confirmed by any document.

more Importantly, successful operations of the 41st infantry division disrupted the German plans to enter a breakthrough in the area of Rava-Russkaya of the 14th motorized corps. If that happened, the consequences could be catastrophic for the entire South-Western front.

51st Perekop red banner name of the Moscow Council of workers, peasants and red army deputies infantry division

the 51st rifle division 14th rifle corps of the 9th army of the southern front commanded by major-General Peter Gavrilovich cirulnikov, she was stationed near the cities of Izmail, Kiliya, Bolgrad. Already one full division titles it is clear that the story she was worthy. In June 1941, she entered into her one more glorious page.

on 22 June, the Romanian artillery, and the Luftwaffe began shelling and bombing of Soviet territory. 24 June, Romanian troops began crossing the Danube. However, all attempts of the Romanians to invade our territory was recaptured parts of the 51st infantry division and the shore batteries of the Danube flotilla. But to silence the Romanian artillery our troops could not.

to stop the attacks, it was decided to land troops on the Romanian territory. The morning of the 25th of June, armored Danube flotilla landed at Cape satu Nou landing. In the first wave of troops were border guards 79th border guard, rifle and machine-gun mouth of the Danube flotilla. In the second wave of troops was landed battalion 287 regiment of the 51st division. The result was a captured bridgehead, all the Romanian fortifications on Cape satu Nou stripped.

the Night of the same day, armored Danube flotilla and border guard boats in kealia landing was composed of the 23rd infantry regiment, 51st division. By the morning of the 26th of June, the city was completely cleared of the Romanian troops, the Cathedral raised a red flag.

Later it was planted a few small landings. The result was a captured bridgehead with a length of 70 km. It gave the chance to protect the ships of the Danube flotilla from the Romanian shelling of artillery and give them room to maneuver. The bridgehead was held until July 16, after which the troops were evacuated by sea to Odessa.

the Assault of the red Army on the Danube in the first month of the war in the Soviettime reported on the first steps of the 51st division at the landing on Romanian territory was described in the 9th issue of “Military-historical magazine” in 1970.

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