What the peoples of the USSR, the Nazis believed Aryans

History 30/01/20 What the peoples of the USSR, the Nazis believed Aryans

the Racial ideology of German national socialism was very confusing and was based on opportunistic considerations. This was especially true of what peoples should be considered “true Aryans”.

the Origin

the Term “Aryans” comes from Sanskrit language and ancient Indian sacred books of “Vedas”, where this title are the peoples, who conquered the Indian subcontinent in the 1st Millennium BC In the early nineteenth century linguists call the word “Aryan” all the vast family of Nations which is now called Indo-European. In the mid-nineteenth century French theorist Joseph Gobineau in their constructions of racial theory outlined blond type of the Northern Caucasians of the “Aryan race”. The “Aryan race” was for him a synonym for “Nordic race”, although the ancient Indo-Aryans did not have to last no relationship. In the same sense of steel first to use this expression and the German Nazis.

as one of the sources of Nazi racial doctrine often point to the theory of German anthropologist of the early 20th century, Hans Gunther. However, he did not use the term “Aryan race”. As for the “Nordic race”, that she to him was not identified with any nationality. So, in “short rasologiya Europe” (1925) Gunter noted that a higher proportion of people of the Nordic race are the Scandinavians (75-80%) and the inhabitants of the British Isles (55-60%). Among the Germans he estimated the number of “Nordik” at 50-55%, among the French 25%, Italians 15%. Russian (great Russians) Gunter believed by 35-40% belonging to the Nordic race — more than any other Slavic people. Thus the günther argued, however, that most Slavs light type has a different, not Nordic origin, and separated from the “Nordik” so-called “East Baltic type”.

Who is with Germany, and the Aryan

the Nazis capitalizing the concepts of “Aryan”, “NorthMATIC”, completely tore them from any linguistic and anthropological content. The emerging geopolitical blocs encouraged the leadership of the Third Reich to find “justification” for inclusion among the “Aryan peoples”, for example, Finns, Hungarians and Japanese, and at the same time to eliminate the Polish and Russian. Roma, though, and were the only European people actually of Aryan (Indo-Aryan), was declared to be destroyed.

As the first ally of the Third Reich in Europe was Italy, Hitler declared the Italians also “true Aryans”, like the Germans. Rapprochement with Japan was forced to find some justification for this in the “Aryan doctrine”: the Japanese were declared “Aryan spirit” or “superior race among Asians”. Since Hungary was an ally of Nazi Germany, to the “Aryans” were listed as Hungarians, although their language belongs to the Ural family.

against Slavs was duality. Allies of the Third Reich were Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria. Obviously, it was “Aryan country”. Simultaneously, the Czechs were considered the lowest in the racial relation in comparison with the Germans, but suitable for assimilation. Russians, poles and Ukrainians were considered by far lower, subject to segregation and relocation. However, the former Russian citizen Alfred Rosenberg, the Reich Minister of “East territories”, tried to give the Ukrainians the status of “Aryan people”, but did not find support from other Nazi bosses.

nevertheless, the Nazis tried to attract to its policy of “Nordic” countries of Northern Europe, regardless of the actual contradictions. The Scandinavians, the Dutch, the English had declared racially fully equal to Germans. This has helped to attract some of the Dutch, the Norwegians, the Danes, the Flemings in SS and the Wehrmacht. Similar experience in the UK, the Nazis put failed for obvious reasons, and among the British prisoners of war collaborators have become loners. Nazi policy in occupied France, the identitye was busy trying to interest of the population in the “construction of Europe”, despite the “low percentage of Nordic blood.”

In General, in Western Europe, “racial” considerations only to retroactively justify political actions of the Nazis, dictated by immediate pragmatic settlement. The exceptions were the actions aimed at the destruction of the a priori “racial inferiority” of Jews and Gypsies.

In the Union

In Eastern Europe, the Nazis felt no need to placate the population, with the exception of certain peoples. As already mentioned, not only Russians and poles, but also Ukrainians were considered second-class citizens. However, in 1942, the efforts of Rosenberg and restorer SS Heinrich Himmler, to “Aryans”, in order to gain a foothold in the occupied areas, was ranked as the Cossacks. The last officially declared “descendants of Germans — ready”.

In the Baltic States to “Aryans” was ranked not only the Lithuanians and Latvians, but the Estonians, Finns and Karelians, although they did not belong to the Indo-European and to the Ural linguistic family. However, the right of Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians to create their own States and was not recognized.

Special quirkiness was marked with a “racial policy” of the Nazis in the South of the USSR. Here, the “Aryans” were considered those peoples, the traditional hostility to the Russian Empire, the occupiers had hoped to rely. It was the Crimean Tatars (as is told in his memoirs field Marshal Erich von Manstein), the Turkic peoples — Karachai and Balkars, Chechens and Ingush, and also, quite paradoxically, related to the Mongols, the Kalmyks (reported by Joachim Hoffmann in the book “the Kalmyks and Germans 1942-45”).

However, the Mongolian peoples professing Buddhism, the Nazis somehow treated with great reverence — perhaps due to the fact that they themselves took an ancient Buddhist symbol, the swastika. The unity of the symbol had to explain.

meanwhile, the only in the Caucasus peoples of the Aryan (Iranian) groups are the Ossetians, Kurds and tats. However, the Ossetians remained generally loyal to the USSR, like the Russian Empire, and their uprising the Nazis had no chance. Tats — Jews by religion, and therefore, the Nazis were preparing them genocide. About the Kurds, they do not have a clue. So in the Caucasus, the words of the Nazis of the “true Aryans” was absurd more than anywhere else.

But when the rulers of the Third Reich hoped to ignite an uprising in Soviet Transcaucasia, the motives of the “Aryan kindred” sounded in the propaganda, addressed to Georgians, Azerbaijanis and Armenians, of which only Armenians are Indo-Europeans by language. In General the concept “Aryan”, “Aryan race” was the Nazis subordinated to political objectives, but not identified therein.

Yaroslav Butakov

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