What territory Russia South Korea considers its

History 25/01/20 What territory Russia South Korea considers its

In principle, we already used that such of our neighbours as Estonia or Japan, no-no, and will say once again about its territorial claims to our country. But the claims to the Russian land from South Korea – a state that is not Russia nor land nor sea borders, we know less.

Lost Isle

the Russian-Korean territorial dispute dates back to the XIX century, when it was determined the border between the tsarist Empire and Korea – at that time a vassal of China. Using the rights of a suzerain, a Chinese Qing dynasty in 1860, signed the Beijing Treaty, which established including the border line of Korea. Russia did not seek to negotiate with the Korea: the Chinese control over it guarantee (from time to time) that the Country of morning freshness will not be a colony of other powers. The idea to hold the border at the Tumen river (Misty) belonged to the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky. In the end, the Russian-Chinese Treaty fixed the following provisions:

“the Boundary between the two States a line from the source of the river Sungacha crosses the lake Hanky (Khanka) and goes to the river Balance (Tur), from the mouth of this last ridge, to the mouth of the river Hibito (HubCo), and hence in the mountains, lying by the river Hunchun and the sea, to the river Dominiczak (Tumangan). Here also the lands lying to the East, belong to the Russian state, and the West – Chinese. The boundary line rests on the river Tumenistan 20 Chinese miles (Li) above its confluence with the sea” (quoted from the article by candidate of historical Sciences Alexander Ivanov).

the Korean government remained in the dark about the content of the contract up to the time of pillar in 1861. It turned out that the Koreans perceived the left Bank of the Tumen river as their territory. However, Korean ChinonICA, adheres to a policy of self-isolation of the country did not attach event values and not even reported it to the king Chalcone.

among other things, Russia withdrew and located at the mouth of the Tumen river island Nanjunda (translated from Korean “deer island”) with an area of 32 square kilometers. By the time here for many centuries lived the Koreans, as evidenced by the ruins of the settlement of the Joseon period (XV century). However, in fact, already in the XIX century because of the disappearance of ducts under the layer of silt of Nanjunda ceased to be an island, connecting to the Russian coast.

Koreans are “remembered” of Nanjunda only in 1882, when the new king Kojong sent to the banks of the Tumen river two emissaries. Those found that the disputed island is home to about 800 ethnic Koreans. At the same time Korea has offered Russia and China to hold new negotiations on the borders. But representatives of Korea in the end no one took. In 1910, the question has lost relevance in connection with the seizure of Korea by Japan.

“the Dreamers” from Seoul

Today, North Korea, which shares a border with Russia, claims to our country has not. In 1990, the DPRK officially recognized Nottodo territory of the RSFSR, which was confirmed by special agreement. However, this document does not agree, the Republic of Korea, which formally claims the entire historic territory of Joseon.

Scientists and politicians in Seoul believe that Russia took advantage of the weakness of the Royal court in the nineteenth century and its inability to solve international issues. The Treaty that defined the border of Korea, they call unequal. This subject is periodically exaggerated the South Korean press, reminding readers that actually not only Nanjunda, but other areas of the Russian far East – “native Korean territory”.

“it seems that in certain academic and political circles of South Korea Mature ideas to present at some point, “serious territorial claims to Russia”, – says a famous orientalist Valery Denisov.

And the workbig business in Seoul Professor Andrei Lankov in one of the publications says that in the state Museum of the independence of Korea the issue of ownership of the island of Nanjunda devoted an entire stand. However, he also notes that this topic not too interested in most of the South Koreans on the issue of Nanjunda never even heard of, unlike other territorial disputes in the country.

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