What territory of the Soviet Union Rokossovsky wanted to give Poland

History 28/01/20 What territory of the Soviet Union Rokossovsky wanted to give Poland

the Only ethnic poles among the marshals of the Soviet Union was Konstantin Rokossovsky. Not forgetting their homeland, the warlord did a lot for the enhancement and preservation established after the Second World war the Western borders of Poland.

Marshal in Poland

Shortly after the Victory, Stalin sent Rokossovsky to Poland, where he commanded the Northern group of forces, headquartered in Liegnitz. “Under the supervision” of the Marshal took place a gradual “Sovietization” of the country ended with the victory of the Communists in the elections in 1947. Even after 2 years, Rokossovsky, officially became the government of the Polish people’s Republic. The poet Feliks Chuyev, according to Marshal of aviation Golovanov, argues that the appointment of the warlord found out in the middle cottage of Stalin, where the leader met him with a bouquet of white roses.

“the Situation is explained to Stalin — that need You to led the people’s army of Poland. All Soviet titles be for You, and there You will become defense Minister, the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, member of the Politburo and Marshal of Poland. I would really, Konstantin, you have agreed, otherwise we may lose the country”.

Stalin was driven by not only the desire to have “their man” in Warsaw. Not the smaller role was played, apparently, a complication of the international situation and the creation of NATO.

As he wrote himself Rokossovsky in his memoirs, “Soldier’s duty”, “close connection” with the Polish government it was established during the liberation of Poland from the Nazis. Then Marshall met many of those who subsequently, for 7 years he worked in Warsaw. Together with Rokossovsky to “personnel strengthening” of the Polish army arrived 50 Soviet generals and thousands of officers. The Minister of defence has done much to increase the size of the Polish army and its equipment.

Polish chauvinist?

In Runet discusses the version of the story that when deciding on the borders of the Polish state Rokossovsky allegedly demanded from Stalin to recognize Polish claims on German territories West of the Oder. Such chauvinistic plans to have the poles really were. Save the map with the borders of Poland, where in the country include the Konigsberg (in Polish Krolevetz), part of Brandenburg and the lands of the Lusatian Serbs — almost all of Saxony, along with Dresden.

Why Rokossovsky was able to maintain the radical chauvinists? Professor Vladimir Rachinsky called the Marshal a “Polish patriot.” Rokossovsky himself said that “always felt connected with all your heart” with the Polish people.

However, at the Potsdam conference Stalin and the allies decided that the Western border of Poland will mainly take place along the rivers Oder and Neisse. The only deviation to the West has been done in the area of Stettin (Szczecin), which is under the command of Rokossovsky was liberated by troops of the 1st Belorussian front.

Even if the role of Rokossovsky in the formation of the postwar Polish borders is exaggerated, his presence in Poland played a crucial role in their conservation. In particular, Rokossovsky was inactive during the ethnic cleansing and the expulsion of the Germans the poles were created in 1945-46.

“British historian Joyce Marshall in the article “the German-Polish border” (1950) noted that, despite the Potsdam agreement, certain events have actually transformed the line of the Oder-Neisse border from the temporary to the permanent, — said the Belarusian researcher Irina Kowaco. Among them, the author highlighted the campaign to resettle ethnic Germans from the former Eastern provinces of the Third Reich. Noting the fact that in November 1949, Rokossovsky said about the readiness of Soviet and Polish troops, if necessary, to fight shoulder to shoulder, John. Marshall came to the conclusion that the most wise issue would be the adoption of the realities of Western allies”.

However, in Poland Rokossovsky was still glad not all. In 1950, there were two attempts on the life of Minister of defense, and the shooter in both cases was not found. Leaving Poland in the autumn of 1956, Rokossovsky swore to never return. In 2017 the authorities of Szczecin Rokossovsky was deprived of the title of honorary citizen of the city.

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