What terrible things wanted to make Hitler and Moscow

Another 25/12/19 What terrible things I wanted to do Hitler, with Moscow

Implicitly self-confident Adolf Hitler by sending troops of the Wehrmacht on the Eastern front, already mentally imagined as he triumphantly enters the destroyed Moscow, surrendering at discretion. That is why he has taken care in advance about creating a plan for “improvement” of the mother see, which was completely “transformed”.

the Population of Moscow

In 1940, when few thought that Hitler dare to attack the Soviet Union, a loyal ally of the Fuhrer Heinrich Himmler has already initiated the creation of a “General plan East”, where in detail described the program of action for the consolidation of the Third Reich in the occupied Eastern territories.
According to this document from Moscow, however, and from other Central areas of the Soviet Union, it was supposed to forcibly evict 85% of the population identifying as new habitats the Urals, Siberia, the North Caucasus and the far shores of South America. The remaining 15% was supposed to be the most strong and formed a layer of Soviet citizens, which was envisaged to use as a free rabsily. Their livelihoods had to control the Germans, sent to development of the new Eastern lands. Thus, the ethnic composition of Moscow after a couple of decades had to undergo a significant change, that is, from the dominant Russian nation to apply to the enslaved minority.

the Purpose of Moscow

In the declassified Nuremberg trials the German plan “Oldenburg” means that the capital of the USSR, after the capture of her Nazi groups had completely lost their political and cultural functions, and turn into a major economic and logistics center.
Calling in the documents of the 1941 Moscow Inspectorate “Saxony”, the Nazis wanted to convert it to a rawtarget database Germany, where the West would have done all the necessary resources, such as oil, iron ore, forest, water, agricultural products.

Moscow had to forget our rich heritage. To ensure leisure activities of the Germans was supposed to organize modest restaurants, sports clubs, cinemas, but if you want any one of them could go for entertainment in Western Europe.
For the local population identify the “sub-humans” such possibility is not envisaged. The only outlet for them was to be music, which is supposed to inspire them to new feats of labor. By the way, in order not to distract the workers from their direct purpose, the Fuehrer had planned to limit educational program for “inferior races”, leaving her only the basics of the German language matematiki.

the plans

After the failure of the idea of lightning war the leadership of the Third Reich had to run to adjust plans on the fate of Moscow.
Experienced on the way to the capital desperate resistance from the Soviet troops, Hitler came to the conclusion that Muscovites do not easily give up, therefore, 12 October 1941, the commander pulled a Directive “On the procedure of capture of Moscow and the treatment of its population”, which forbade them to accept the surrender of the capital. The Fuhrer thought that the defenders of the white stone will definitely arrange any provocations will undermine the streets and squares, so the best way he saw the destruction of the city with the help of aviation. That Hitler wanted to raze the capital to the ground and suddenly get rid of a large number of unwanted population, said many German generals, including Franz Halder, Hartwig of Pullman, Martin Bormann, Wilhelm Keitel.
Giving an order to destroy Moscow to the ground, Hitler knew that this fact would undermine the moral force of the Soviet people and undermine their faith in Communist ideas.

“there was a Moscow”

There is a theory that Hitler planned to turn reclaimed from the Bolsheviks in Moscow in a huge reservoir, which was supposed to be erected a huge monument with the speaker labeled “Es war Moskau” – “there was Moscow.” Specifically for its construction from Germany were brought by train, in wagons which were found a variety of finishing stones, including marble and granite.
To realize the dream of creating man-made lake in Moscow, he could give the order to blow up the dam Khimki and the Istra reservoir, a 30-meter wave which as a whole would have covered the city.

But before, cover Moscow under the water, the führer wished the victorious March to walk on the cobblestones of red square. In a hypothetical parade was supposed to take part as the Germans, and the representative of the foreign legions, who had helped fascism to spread across the continent. By the way, specially for the French volunteers were sewn to the shako of the Napoleonic sample, thus Hitler wanted to pay a tribute to his predecessor, who failed to conquer Moscow.
After the military parade was supposed to blow up the mausoleum – the ideological bulwark of the Bolshevik world, for this purpose it was prepared a special squad of Sonderkommando.
However, Hitler’s dreams did not come true – at the end of the war in red square, marching Soviet soldiers, who were thrown to the foot of the mausoleum banners of the defeated German forces.
And brought from Europe decoration materials went into the cladding of the lower floors of the buildings on the odd side of Tverskaya, which can be recognized by the reddish color of the stone.

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