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History 20/01/20 What Soviet award most appreciated

the First order of the young Soviet Republic, order of the red banner, was approved in August 1924. In history it has become one of the most popular — more than half a million awards. But there were opposite examples — order of awardees which hundreds, and even tens of Suvorov, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Moscow. As for the most expensive (in terms of significance and value) and one of the most rare, then they became the order of the “Victory”.

the Highest order of the USSR

Despite the fact that the award was established by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of November 8, 1943, appearance, procedure for awarding and wearing could take until next year. Become the first recipients of the G. K. Zhukov, A. M. Vasilevsky and I. V. Stalin. They got the order for 1, 2, and 3, which became a recognition of their achievements on the liberation of right-Bank Ukraine.

for Almost a year, these three were the only winners of the award. At the end of the war received the order of the other military leaders of the Soviet Union and Zhukov, Vasilevsky and Stalin — again. One of those whom the award was intended, but was never awarded, was the General I. D. Chernyakhovsky, who was killed in Poland in the late winter of 1945. In the summer and fall the winning of the year awards also were awarded with the generals of the allies, the Marshal of Poland and Yugoslavia, king of Romania.

How much is the order of the “Victory”

No one today, if he is in the hands of such a reward, do not think about selling it. Besides, to become its owner is almost impossible. But still I wonder how many would have to pay the order, made of platinum, gold and silver, five rubies (each weighing 1 carat) and 176 diamonds (total weight of 16 carats)? After all, even the pin and clamping nut of this award is made of precious silver. According to researcher Oleg Smyslov in the book “Rewards of Victory”, today, any of the previously released orders “Victory” could be sold at auction for $20 million And that’s just the starting price!

the Mystery of the lost order of the

in All there were 20 copies of the order, and the Cavaliers were 17: three received the award twice, and Leonid Brezhnev, was awarded contrary to the Statute, was posthumously stripped of the award. The whereabouts of 19 of them known for certain. The last knight of the Order of Victory was the Romanian king Michael I. However, after emigrating to the reward chest it never appeared.

Nikolai Paklin, in his article “the King with the order of Victory” tells a story “missing” award. In dire need of money Mihai after the abolition of the monarchy sold in the late 1940s the order of John Rockefeller, Jr., for a relatively modest $800 thousand after some time the award was offered for sale at a closed auction Sotheby’s already the Rockefellers and the “left” in an unknown hand for $2 million Today the fate of the most expensive of the order of the USSR is unknown.

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