What Russian guns can destroy nuclear submarines NATO

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Capable of a few months under water and travel almost any distance, nuclear submarines, however, are vulnerable – they can be disabled and sunk. What are the types of weapons used in modern antisubmarine warfare?

the Struggle against submarines

the Neutralization of the Premier League is one of the most important tasks of the naval forces in the Cold war era. Nuclear submarines as an integral part of the nuclear triad of strategic importance, so one of the tasks of anti-submarine defence was the protection from nuclear strike.

Any kind of anti-submarine weapons would be ineffective without sonar surveillance systems that can detect the location of the boats of the enemy. Such systems can be stationary or mobile (mounted on anti-submarine surface ships patrolling the Maritime borders of a state). In order to detect a submarine of the enemy, applied and sonobuoys dropped from aircraft, and magnetometer instruments.

Bombs and mines

From the air on nuclear submarines could be dropped nuclear depth bomb of great power or a bomb without a nuclear charge.

For delivery of the bombs used and rocket mortars mounted on vehicles. However, this method is effective only if the distance to the target is small.

Another type of projectiles that can be delivered from the air – anti-submarine mines. They drop you in the likely place of the following submarines of the enemy.

From 1970 on arms of the Navy of Russia consists of anti-submarine mines-rockets “Squid” — they are ships at depths up to 800 meters. Upon detection of enemy submarines built-in passive speaker system from the container mine comes out a missile that rushes to the goal with a speed of 80 meters per second.

Underwater torpedoes

the collision of two or more nuclear submarines in the open ocean can be applied on-Board torpedoes. In this way, according to several media, was struck by the nuclear submarine “Kursk” sank 12 August 2000. According to unofficial versions, the Russian submarine fired the torpedo Mark 48. The launch was made with the American submarine “Memphis”, watching Russian submarine exercises. The torpedo struck the hull of the “Kursk” and exploded. By the way, already 5-I a modification of torpedoes Mark 48 can move at a depth of 800 m at a speed of over 55 knots. In 2008, was developed already the 7th modification of the torpedoes.

the Attacking submarines usually move at a velocity greater than that of the nuclear submarine-missile, so can effectively to chase her.

Anti-submarine missiles

Surface ships, United as a rule in search and strike group, able to hit a target under water with rocket-torpedoes. This weapon has a range of up to 25 kilometers, a warhead is either TNT or carries a nuclear warhead. First, the projectile flies in the air, and then detach the torpedo by parachute, which enters the water and independently laid onto the target using an acoustic head. For example, the Soviet complex RPK-9 “Medvedka” is capable of hitting targets at a depth up to 500 meters. Currently, anti-submarine warfare used by modern Russian missiles-torpedoes family OCD “Caliber” 91Р1 and 91РТ2.

the American anti-missile UUM-44 SUBROC, submarine-based after exiting the water dropped a nuclear bomb that hit the target at great depth. Even more the principle of the Russian RPK-6M “Waterfall” — the first rocket goes under the water like a torpedo, then fly into the air, and when it reaches the goal, then descends by parachute warhead with a nuclear charge.

currently, the development of arms is moving toward an integrated defence matters. For example, missiles capable of hitting goals and under the water, and on water and on land. For tracking submarines used satellite surveillance system. That Russian concern “Almaz-Antey” creates such a system, became known in 2016.

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