What really put Eduard Streltsov

Another 06/02/20 what really put Eduard Streltsov

a high-profile case of Edward Streltsova, accused of rape, is still a matter of lively debate. Has it all: tangible evidence of recognition of the player, however many people believe that one of the best players of the USSR simply framed.

Fateful day,

on the Morning of 25 may 1958 in Moscow Studio not far from Riga station archers met his friends, Spartacus, Boris Tatushin and Michael Ogonkova. He was persuaded to spend this hot Sunday afternoon in the country pilot Edward karakhanova, a childhood friend Tateshina. Otovaritsya in the store “Soviet wine”, the two friends went to Pushkino.
Already in place, Inna, the girl Tateshina invited to join the company of his two friends, Tamara and Marina. It is curious that the latter, who eventually wrote a statement on Streltsov, it’s time to plant potatoes and had only his feet to rinse under the column.

Almost the whole day they spent on Tishkovskim reservoir, and only in the evening, pretty drunk, they moved to the country. The gatherings were joined karakhanova father and stepmother, and several neighbors. At some point, Tamara and Marina came home, but was persuaded to stay the night…
on the Morning of Monday 26 may, the players were already on base in Spartakovskaya Tarasovka. Here the team was preparing for a trip to the world Cup in Sweden, where they were to go in a few days. However Streltsova, Ogonkov and Tatushin the world Cup did not have a chance. After lunch at the base was raided by the police and detained the bosom of the Trinity law enforcement authorities responded on the morning of the statements of the two girls, Tamara Timashuk and Marina Lebedeva.

And after a few days the Prosecutor’s office Mytishchi district, Moscow region opened a criminal case of rape. Coach Gavriil Kachalin immediately rushed to pester the police offices, but all in vain.
Soon Tamara refused the charges and made a statement explaining: “the Statement I gave, without thinking, for that please forgive me”. Marina was more difficult: she wrote the statement under pressure from his mother, but here seems to be able to solve the issue peacefully, but only in the Prosecutor’s office stated that criminal cases of rape can not be closed by reconciliation of the parties.
Tateshina and Ogonkova released after three days in the absence of any evidence of involvement in the Commission of a crime. But Streltsov’s suspicions were, primarily because the testimony itself Lebedeva, who claimed that the sexual contact took place under duress.

the court announced the verdict on July 24, 1958. In addition to rape charges Streltsova “I however,” the article on hooliganism. Talking about the incident six months ago, when a drunken football player in the heat of pursuit, the offender broke into his apartment. Streltsov was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. Despite the fact that less than five years Streltsov was released under an Amnesty and he was able to return to football, essentially his career was broken.

a Strange thing

Since that fateful day many years have passed, is long dead players, however, researchers still go back to this thing, trying to get to the truth. Some of them questioned the fairness of the sentence Eduardo Streltsova. And some of the details of the case on this show.
the Victim has repeatedly stated that, being from Streltsov violence, she desperately called for help. However, no one slept in the house of screams not heard. Much later, the journalists came to this country and conducted the experiment. It appeared, from the room that night were Edward and Marina, you could hear even soft speech.

Present that day at the cottage karakhanova noted that Lebedev was shown to the player an obvious sympathy: she sat on his lap, eating with his fork and the whole evening is coolodila in his jacket. One of the girls even involuntarily caught Edward and Marina lay on the bed and cuddled.
Lebedev claimed that before the football player raped her was a struggle (she’d scratch and bite the rapist), but the girl didn’t remember how she was stripped. Meanwhile, according to the girl, her clothes were not torn, as it would be in the fight, and placed neatly on the chair. But she remembers that before her threw her on the bed, someone turned off the light.

But the most interesting thing in this case. It turns out that in the room where the incident happened spent the night of Karakhanov. But, with his words, he slept soundly sleep. A curious detail, from Streltsov and karakhanova was identical to the blood group, but the consequence of this fact is left unattended. It is the blood remaining under the fingernails of Lebedeva, was one of the main proofs of guilt of Streltsov.
For the past 60 years, there have been many versions of what happened. But most importantly, where do you go to the defenders of Streltsova, the story of the rape was a setup to permanently leave objectionable someone player out of the game. But whom?
involvement in the case, Streltsov suspected the Minister of culture Ekaterina Furtseva. They say she offered to Edward to meet his daughter Svetlana, but the player refused. Often the perpetrators of “setup” is called powerful bosses “Dynamo” and “CSKA”. There are motives. They attempted to get a talented striker, but he did not want to leave home “torpedo”.

Not remain without attention and the version of the punishment of the presumptuous player sports officials. Streltsov was repeatedly accused of drunkenness and misconduct, however, serious reason to apply the young stars of the sanction wasn’t.

the Writer Edward Frank, long time involved in the case, Streltsov, drew attention to the peculiarity of this criminal process, during which data proving the defendant’s innocence or raises doubt about his guilt and justwas gerasoulis. According to the researcher, the analysis of the case revealed a well-concealed by investigators of the development of another suspect in the rape – karakhanova.
after the punishment of the Streltsy once let slip to one of his friends: “had to Sit not me.” What did he mean by that? Alas, it will remain a mystery, which the legendary player took to the grave.

Taras Repin

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