What part of Japan wanted to occupy Stalin in 1945

History 09/01/20 What part of Japan wanted to occupy Stalin in 1945

At the end of world war II, Germany was divided between the USSR and the allies, who then created within the boundaries of the zones of occupation are two different States. But few know that a similar fate could be expected for Japan. To take the island of Hokkaido and other areas of Japan to Soviet leader Joseph Stalin offered by American General MacArthur.

Plan MacArthur

in the Summer of 1945, before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the prospects of further war in East Asia were dim. The U.S. military feared that Japan will be no pushovers and will continue resistance even after the planned nuclear strike. Landing operation on the Islands could become for US a daunting task to decide which alone, America is not going to.
In this case, General Douglas MacArthur devised a plan that Hokkaido and the Northern part of Honshu (the Tohoku region) was to take Russian. Within the Soviet zone of occupation would have been to Sapporo, Asahikawa, Sendai and Akita. The Soviet Union had to provide 6 divisions (210 thousands).
MacArthur’s Plan involved creating and occupying other areas. USA, received in the office of the Central part of Honshu and Okinawa. The lands South of the largest island and Kyushu was given the UK. The Chinese, the most affected by the actions of the Japanese military, singled out the island of Shikoku. In the cities of Tokyo and Osaka planned introduction of an integrated administration.
date of landing of the allies during operation “Downfall” was appointed in the fall 1945 and spring 1946.
In the US assumed that after the occupation of the Islands will start a guerrilla war. Therefore the Soviet Union has allocated even larger territory than the U.S. – Russian soldiers, obviously, had become targets for “samurai”, not reconciled withexpression.

the Reality

Consequences of the atomic bombing of Japan in August 1945 was disastrous for the country. The attempt of a group of militarists to stage a coup to prevent the surrender in Tokyo at the mercy of the victors failed. On August 15, Emperor Hirohito addressed the nation by radio and announced that he accepts the terms of surrender proposed by the United States, the Soviet Union, China and Britain.
on the same day US President Harry Truman, the allies sending the order to the order of surrender of Japanese troops on the joint occupation of the Islands allowance. Joseph Stalin did not agree and the next day sent to the American leader a letter in which he proposed to include in the zone of surrender of the Japanese army military personnel of the Soviet Northern half of Hokkaido. The plan of Stalin, the island was supposed to be split by the demarcation line on the turn Kushiro-Rumoi. Hokkaido, therefore, could repeat the fate of Korea.
However, on 18 August, Washington informed Moscow that “all the Islands of Japan proper” subjects of the Emperor already surrendering to General MacArthur.
– I understand the content of Your message in the sense that You refuse to grant the request of the Soviet Union on the inclusion of the Northern half of Hokkaido to the area of the surrender of the Japanese armed forces to Soviet troops. I must say that my colleagues and I did not expect You to answer, irritably, Stalin replied to Truman on August 22.
the same day the head of the Soviet state abolished already received the troops of the far Eastern front’s order of August 19, the transfer by sea of the forces of the 87th rifle corps to Sakhalin and Hokkaido (the landing was scheduled for August 23). Apparently, this decision was not Stalin’s not easy, but he retreated, realizing that before developing their own atomic bomb to the Soviet Union could not go into open conflict with the Americans.
it is Noteworthy that in the postwar years in Japan were popular novels, comics and mockumentary about the failed “Japanese people’s Republic.” The theme of zahwahthe Hokkaido dedicated to Russian feature-length anime in the genre of alternative history “Beyond the clouds” in 2004. Part of the Japanese is confident that the atomic bombings saved their country from the “horrors of the Soviet occupation”.

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