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Until now, Theodore Morell remains one of the most enigmatic figures in history. It was he, according to many historians, “prescribed” Hitler daily doses of drugs and vitamins, which in the end led to the depletion of the body of the Fuhrer. Researchers to this day argue about who was the personal physician of Hitler: the secret agent of British intelligence, or an accomplice of the Nazi conspirators.

a Career “student” Mechnikov

Theodor Morell began his medical career as a ship’s doctor. That sailors, known for its promiscuity in sexual relationships, let Morello to acquire the necessary experience in the field of urology and venereology. A “bad” disease at the time often suffered and the elite, therefore, Theodore decided that I will be able to earn good money on the knowledge acquired. In 1933, he settled in Berlin and then joined the national socialist party. Says Norman Oler, the author of the book “the Third Reich on drugs” after Morell got partisanship, his works took off.

the Successful practice Morella largely contributed to modern equipment. By the way, high frequency rentgenovskii camera, four-chamber bath, apparatus for radiation therapy and more doctor bought with the money of his wife. In addition, to increase its popularity Theodor Morell did not disdain and outright lies. If you believe albert Speer, the author of the publication “inside the Third Reich”, a German physician started a rumor that he was allegedly a pupil of Ilya Mechnikov, and also discovered penicillin. Someone believed Morally, someone laughed at him, but a lot of patients have enterprising doctor is really not there.

doctor Hitler

So Theodor Morell was in the highest Nazi circles. There fate brought him to Heinrich Hofmann, and already the personal photographer of Hitler in turn brought the doctor with Hitler. At least, so says the author of the book “World wars and world elites” Dmitry Peretolchin. Theodor Morell, Hitler examined, revealed, “depletion of intestinal tract, caused by nervous exhaustion,” and was appointed senior patient annual treatment with vitamins, hormones and other drugs. Karl Brandt, personal physician of the Fuhrer, tried to question the methods Morella, but Hitler and listen to no one wanted. Moreover, Morelle charmed the Nazis, in 1935 he took the place of the doctor in charge of Chancellor, which, incidentally, has banned any criticism of Theodore Morella.

Since then, everything that could prevent the “treatment” of Hitler, for Morella ceased to exist. According to Cornelius Ryan in his book “the Last battle. The storming of Berlin through the eyes of witnesses”, there is plenty of evidence that Morell was continually stuffed with the Fuhrer and all sorts of, it should be noted, is not a harmless injection. Range of products was broad: from drugs and various stimulants to vitamins and “magic” medicines that Morell made myself. No wonder Hitler, who, thanks to this “therapy” for a while and actually felt better, immensely trusted Morally. He even gave the doctor a tidy sum for the development of penicillin, a prescription which the doctor allegedly stole. Subsequently, the specialists studied the “penicillin” Morella came to the conclusion that it is the ordinary cane sugar.

Doctor, secret agent or conspirator?

meanwhile, in 1942, the health of Hitler began to deteriorate: the Fuhrer turned gray, all the time was suffocating, his skin had a yellow tinge, cheeks, left hand constantly twitched. Despite the fact that the credibility of Morello from Hitler began to wane, he continued to follow the recommendations of the doctor. So, in 1944, when the Chancellor fell ill to the eye, the doctor gave him drops, which, according To RupertOlly, the author of the book “Hitler”, also included drug. Morelle was removed from his office only on April 21, 1945, i.e. just 9 days before Hitler’s death. At the same time he left Berlin. And this fact, coupled with all the above facts can not but arouse suspicion.

moreover, Theodor Morell, unlike other Nazi war criminals are not persecuted there. After a short imprisonment, he was released. Morell died of natural causes in may 1948 in the city Tegernsee. However, the author of the book “100 great mysteries of the Third Reich” Vasily Vedeneev asks: “whether His death died by a former court physician of the Fuhrer?” Vedeneev gives in his book version that Morell could be an agent of the British secret service or a member of the conspiracy among the Nazis, fought for the place of the successor of the Fuhrer. For this reason, as an unnecessary witness, Theodore Morella and could be removed.

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