What Korolev wanted to shoot the designer

Biography 17/12/19 what Korolev wanted to shoot the designer “Katyusha” Andrei Kostikov

Legally the inventors of the “Katyusha” was considered Ivan Gwaii, Basil Abarenkov and Andrew Kostikov. However, according to Alexander Glushko, author of “the Unknown Langemak. Designer Katyusha rocket”, the latter was responsible for the arrest and execution of the author of the system of artillery Georgiy Langemak. In 1944 Kostikov was arrested, but he managed to emerge unscathed.

From mechanics to scientists

Stanislav Averkov, author of “the Secret of the Golden pioneers of the don land”, not for nothing called the Andrew G. Kostikova careerist. Him and in fact quickly managed to climb the corporate ladder. Coming from a simple peasant family, until 1919 Kostikov worked as an ordinary mechanic in a factory. Real start in life for him was the Red army. After the service, Kostikov graduated from the military engineering school, and then Military-air Academy named after Zhukovsky. In the Academy he got some rocket knowledge.

After graduation, Andrei Kostikov was sent to the newly established Jet propulsion research Institute. For some time he was listed as engineer of the Department of ballistic missiles. But in 1936, only 3 years after receiving the diploma of higher education Andrew G. took the place of the head of Department of development of liquid rockets. Further – more, in November 1937 he started to work as chief engineer of NII. As claimed by T. A. Golovkina, the author of the publication “the portrait of Russian cosmonautics”, high positions Kostikov were obtained using denunciations to the NKVD.

the Elimination of competitors

the Andrei Kostikov, according to Igor Ushakov, author of the book “Sky without borders”, wrote a denunciation of his colleagues: pioneer of rocket and space technology Valentin Glushko and designer Sergey Korolev, thanks to which later Yuri Gagarin flew into space. A statement in which Kostikov accused Glushko and Korolev in anti-Soviet activities, the party Committee was transferred to the NKVD. Then, the Institute has assembled a Commission to identify so-called “enemies of the people”. And members of the Commission, which, incidentally, is also headed by Andrei Kostikov, among employees of the Institute such soon discovered. “Enemies” was the head of the Institute Ivan Kleimenov, and his Deputy Georgy Langemak.

the Last and was one of the creators of the legendary “Katyusha”. However, in January 1938 “sabotage” and “anti-Soviet activity” Langemak were executed. And in March of the following year Andrei Kostikov, together with Ivan Gwaii has applied for extradition of the relevant copyright. Later in the document appeared the name of Basil Abarenkova. In June 1941, multiple rocket launchers, stationed at the car was presented to the members of the government. Soon, if you believe Yaroslav Golovanov, the author of the book “sketches about the great”, Andrew G. became a Hero of Socialist labor, and also the happy winner of the Stalin prize.

Last years

Those 12 years were devoted to Andrey Kostikov after the shooting of Georgy Langemak, he lived quietly enough. However, to spend a few months in jail he also had. Kostikov has served in the Jet research Institute (the Institute was evacuated to Sverdlovsk) until 1944, when, according to Konstantin Zaleski, the author of the book “Great Patriotic war”, wasn’t removed from office for breach of promise for the construction of a jet fighter. However, in the espionage or sabotage Kostikova to catch failed: in February 1945, he was released on all four sides.

With August, 1945, according to the publication “the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences,” Andrei Kostikov worked in NII-24. In the late 1940-ies Kostikov headed the mission of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Germany. Interestingly, Sergei Korolev, who denounced Kostikova spent several years in campsx, some time also worked in Berlin. In the German capital, the Queen issued weapons. According to Yaroslav Golovanov in his book, “Korolev: facts and myths”, the designer pulled the plug and said, “May I sit down again, but this b… I’ll shoot!”. Meanwhile Kostikov died of a heart attack in 1950. He was exposed only after 7 years after his death.

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