What jurisdiction things in the RSFSR was considered a crime in the Union republics

History 27/01/20 What jurisdiction things in the RSFSR was considered a crime in the Union republics

Citizens of the Soviet Union, despite the declared unity, had no equality before the law. The same crime is punished differently depending on where it was committed. In each Union Republic had its own Criminal codes to reflect specific local realities.

Codification of criminal law in the USSR

the First Criminal codes of the Soviet republics was very similar to the criminal code of the RSFSR of 1922. In 1924, a document was adopted, defining the principles of the all-Union penal legislation, which was to guide authorities when drawing up their own codes.

“the Content of norms of criminal codes of 1922 in General the same as in all Soviet republics. Only a few years, when United in the common norms of the Soviet criminal codes were firmly absorbed and the judicial and prosecutorial authorities, and citizens appear in a significant number of rules specific to individual Soviet republics”, — stated in the “History of the Soviet criminal law” under the editorship of Alexei Gerzensee, published in 1947. In some republics, for example Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, annexed in 1940, while acting criminal code of the RSFSR.

the Local flavor

the Ukrainian criminal code of 1922 was a specific article aimed at the eradication of religiosity of Ukrainians. If in the RSFSR, the priest could baptize the child before issuing him an official birth certificate, in the Ukraine it was considered a crime, as well as the wedding before the Registrar. There was also a separate article “Coercion in the performance of religious rites.”

the Particular originality of different criminal codes of the republics of Transcaucasia and Central Asia, where authorities sought to eradicate many of the traditions of the population. In 1923 in Azerbaijan for the first of the Soviet republics introduced criminal liability for “the remnants of the tribal life”. One of them entered cohabitation with a minor, kidnapping of girls with the purpose of marriage, trafficking in women, demand dowry and other similar offenses. Through the same year, the head of “Domestic crime” appeared in the Criminal code of the RSFSR, but in each Autonomous region and the Republic it was used in his own version. It is noteworthy that in Abkhazia lawmakers left a kind of “loophole”, providing for the possibility of reconciliation of the parties in the case of bride kidnapping.

In the Georgian SSR has been to criminalize incest applies to sexual relations with relatives. The act, jurisdiction in Russia, punishable by 3 years in prison. Georgia was adopted reduced in comparison with the other republics the age of criminal responsibility is 13 years. Probably in the South of the teenagers actually grew up early.

it is Worth noting the unequal attitude to the sodomy. If in Georgia the compilers of the penal code considered it necessary to clarify that we are talking only about the “unnatural” intercourse between men, Azerbaijan sodomy was interpreted much broader than in the other republics. And in the Russian Federation a similar article appeared only in 1934.

the Laws of the Azerbaijan SSR, in General, were particularly rigid. For example, in the Republic could shoot for “the murder of women in connection with the emancipation” or abduction for sale. The eradication of drug addiction in Azerbaijan has imposed a responsibility not only for distribution but also for Smoking opium.

in Central Asia In the laws on crimes against the state added a separate definition of “Basmachi”, which was not equivalent to ordinary robbery. It remained current until the great Patriotic war, when the Basmachi movement finally faded away.

Highly relevant to the southern republics was the fight against blood feud. For example, the Criminal code of Abkhazia crime, totesennoe according to motives, was punishable by death. Nothing like this could be where the blood feud was not in the habits of the locals.

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