What is the Somali pirates have accused Russian special forces in 2010

Another 28/01/20 NEWSВ EAST than Somali pirates accused Russian special forces in 2010

the Official information on the elimination of Somali pirates by the Russian military is sketchy and contradictory. But this happened – these terrorists, our military actually killed. When it came to active opposition, the Russian military gave a fitting rebuff attackers.

Often from the pirates paid off

According to official data, often from the Somali pirates just paid off. In particular, in situations when the vessels that attacked the robbers, were Russian citizens. Basically, it was about the seizure of ships, where our compatriots as part of the multinational crew were employed.

Preventing capture

As reported by the portal “vestige” in 2008, the Russian patrol ship “fearless” was prevented pirate attack in the Gulf of Aden in escort three ships belonging to different States, and was the Russian ship “Sachi Maru”. Our ship landed the group “anti-terror”, the operation involved the helicopter “KA-27”.

the Pirates got scared and fled the scene, the clashes were not.

Capture “the Moscow University”

In may 2010, the pirates tried to seize the oil tanker Moscow University, which went under the flag of Liberia in the Gulf of Aden. On the tanker, carrying more than 80 thousand tons of oil were 23 Russian sailors. The tanker was freed anti-submarine ship “Marshal Shaposhnikov”. According to official information, one pirate is shot dead, 10 of the attackers were disarmed.

a Source in Minoborony of the Russian Federation has told “RIA Novosti”, which, given the uncertainty in international law concerning the legal status of these pirates, the Russian military found it necessary… to let them go. Put in a inflatable boat in the open sea. Radar ships ceased to receive a signal from the Lodkey in an hour.

She drowned

Immediately after the attack, the Network disseminated information according to one of the leaders of the Somali pirates, who said that Russian military then killed all his men piled the corpses in the boat and sent it adrift. ITAR-TASS the same day, voiced the opinion of the government of Somalia, which was the fact that official claims for the deaths of Somali nationals to Russia they have.

an Anonymous leader of a gang of pirates, said: “now they will deal with the Russian also.” But, according to official statistics, in 2010 Somali pirates, never touched one ship with a Russian crew.

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