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Weapons 23/12/19 What Russian special forces are the best

On the territory of Russia in the state institutions and services today, there are about 20 special forces units. And army (and police, special groups of FSB, GRU, SVR), this list is not exhaustive.

“non-combat” special forces

last Autumn, it published a letter the Federal tax service of Russia from 06.09.2018 № SA-4-8/17376 explaining the feasibility of establishing spetsstruktury for “knocking out” tax debt “riot on”. The detachment of special purpose “MARS” is subordinate of Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation: their task is security for the communication facilities. Official information FGUP “SVYAZ-Bezopasnost” on the preparation of their special parts are not misleading.

the Departmental and army special forces

Departmental special forces competes with the army in numbers, directions and specific activities of special units — such structures have the SVR, FSB, MVD, FSIN, Ministry of emergencies, from police officers and a relatively new institution, reporting directly to the President of the Russian Federation — Regardie.

In the Armed forces of the Russian Federation only in the Chapter of the General staff more than a dozen special forces. More than ten such battle groups in the Navy. In Kubinka is based spetsbrigada airborne. Units of the special operations of the armed forces (spetsnaz separate groups) have proven themselves in the fight against Somali pirates ‘ operations in the North Caucasus and in Syria. About 10 groups of special troops of FSB of Russia, the most famous of which is “alpha” and “Vympel” are based in different cities of the country. Besides these, there are also subdivisions of the border service, which also refers to the FSB.

Run “obscheprimiryayuschaya” procedure

each of the special forces, be it army or not belonging to the armed forces has its own specifics and criteria for the training contingent. In the special forces of the airborne troops, GRU and FSB are one of the main requirements to the candidate — hardyawn. Running in this sense is one of the key options of the test of aptitude.

According to the teacher of hisdisciples and the owner of the maroon beret Victor Ivannikov, a candidate in the special forces airborne obliged quickly and the long run. The ability to run 10 km in less than an hour is a good indicator. Similar requirements to the runner and GRU (where, says a former instructor of the GRU, Sergei Badyuk, running more and starting with crawling on the ground).

One of the main features of the training of the special forces of any military structure — breathing exercise. Therefore, the special forces of the defense Ministry and other Russian security services often conduct training in mountainous terrain.

in VDV, and GRU and FSB requirements for candidates in the special forces similar to the shape of a fighter almost no rest between the following each other exercises. The member of spetsnaz VDV (GRU) must be wrung out from a floor on fingers and fists, alternating this procedure with the other strength exercises (lunges-“janami”), 85 (for a candidate in the special forces of the FSB “limit” — 90 push-UPS).

the Applicant for admission to GRU needs to run cross 3000 m for 10 minutes (the FSB — a minute more), a hundred meters over 12 seconds (the FSB is 10×10 Shuttle run, when the candidate runs 10 meters, then turns 180 degrees and again overcomes for a time the same distance — so checked his speed-power qualities; the time is 12.7 seconds). Press (for the GRU) for 2 minutes, 90 times (for FSB of 100). The same number of push-UPS — 90.

In spetsnaz FSB even practiced raising the bar (weight not less than their own) — 10 times. Then all the candidates in the special forces (VDV, GRU, FSB) — demonstration of the technique of punches and kicks, sparring with partners and other exercises. All of the above tests are to each other, a respite, at best, 2-3 minutes. To withstand all this is a well-trained person. Therefore, potential candidate for special forces is not just a tough fighter, but athlete-RAsrednik.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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